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An ant’s-eye view might supply important detail that would be missed from the sky. Similarly, there are different points of vantage in social strata, in levels of wealth, in different races, re­ ligions, languages and cultures. We need practice in seeing the world from different points of vantage. It will take some imagination to get this practice in a living room, but remember that the mind is capable of some very accurate picturing, as we should now experience. “One small step for man, one giant step for mankind” was symbolized by his setting foot on the moon, that dry and inhospitable desert which will be impossible for man to master for many years to come.

This Evening’s dinner is enjoyed as a mutual milestone, reflecting gratitude for the past experiences shared, love in the present transcendental moment and the expectation of an unfolding enlightenment ahead. We all do these things to a degree; they are not new. fine i’ll stop deez nuts What is new is the awareness that life returns success to us exactly in this same degree. Also this evening the participants will make their in­ dividual contributions to man’s effort to expand his aware­ ness and gain mastery over his physical-spiritual mind.

Rather they are of the intellect but not totally in it. They touch the senses, the personality and the psyche. They involve the whole person in a way that stimulates interest, enthusiasm, and participation. Most Evenings contain diversified types of activities so that there is moving around as well as sitting, doing as well as talking.

One of the great dividends to men of the present space age will be a dispelling of these walls and boxes and the broadening of creative consciousness. This Evening we will enjoy the satisfaction of expressing creativity, and then we will observe how this enjoyment can be sent soaring skyward when the “boxes” collapse and the “walls” come tumbling down. “The Play’s the Thing” The formal structure of the Evenings in this book is pretty much dictated by the requirements of the usual home environment. When the authors conduct awareness sessions, either in the United States or England, many aspects of the local environment are brought into the action.

This is the life force which constitutes our very per­ sonalities and the creative processes which operate through all our organs. This study, this game, should help us begin to observe the life force in others. “Ink Blots” Psychologists have several favorite techniques for ob­ taining windows into the personality.

Procedure Step 1 The leader reads the above introduction and then asks that a button and a piece of thread be produced by the host so that a simple pendulum can be made about twelve inches long. This is done by merely tying the button on one end of the string and holding the other end so that the button is free to swing. Step 2 The leader or a volunteer accepts first chance with the pendulum. He sits comfortably with his elbow supported by his knee and the pendulum free to swing in any direction.

A man who crosses a “T” with a downward slant, in­ dicating dejection and pessimism can, with practice, ac­ quire the habit of crossing the “T” with an upward slant, indicating hope and optimism. In the process, he affects his own attitude toward life. It sounds like the tail wagging the dog, but it works. What does our handwriting divulge about us?

And acquaintances who are psychiatrists, psychologists, psychiatric social workers, clergymen, psychoanalysts or other professionals. Many of them are willing to contribute their knowledge and ability as advisers in a dynamic life situation. By returning the form enclosed with this book, these professionals can make themselves known to the authors, as can groups who seek help. In this way, the authors will be in turn helped in their dedication to help ignite the search for awareness and personal growth in homes every­ where. Forward to the authors those new games or exercises which participants feel were successfully experienced to­ night and which may be of special interest or value to others. (See instructions on page 239.) Plans are made for a group dinner to be enjoyed at the next meeting.

He was 10+ seconds ahead and keeping pace with Verstappen on much older tyres. As Horner said to Sky at the time, they needed a miracle…and, incredibly, they got one. DisclaimerAll content on this website, including dictionary, thesaurus, literature, geography, and other reference data is for informational purposes only. This information should not be considered complete, up to date, and is not intended to be used in place of a visit, consultation, or advice of a legal, medical, or any other professional.

Auras, like colors, are seen by the mind, not the eye. “The Sensitive Plant” Experiments have recently shown that plants can react to human thought. When polygraph equipment is attached to plants, it registers dramatic changes as people express thoughts of violence or destruction toward the plants.

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