Do you know what would happen if you put a piece of red onion in your socks while sleeping?

It’s so common a legend that it’s even slipped into an episode of “The Simpsons.” Wellness site WellnessMama is into this folk remedy, and a 2018 article from StyleCraze documents a writer actually trying it. Southern Living also posited the question of whether or not an onion in a sock a day keeps the doctor away.

However, the overall quality of research studies on reflexology is generally very low. If you’re sick, onions are probably not a good substitute for cold meds, antibiotics, a well-balanced diet, and sleep. But, if you do want to try sleeping with onions in your socks, it won’t hurt — it just might feel weird.

Remember that consuming onions as part of a balanced diet has several health advantages. Consider including them in a diet that includes plenty of fruits, veggies, and whole grains. These meridians act as powerful electric circuits within the body, but are often dormant as we mostly cover our feet with footwear. Stimulating these meridians is very important for our body to function healthily. Onions are loaded with Phosphoric acid, which is released when it is kept in close contact with the human body, especially sticking it up in a sock. The heat generated leads to the release of this acid, which enters the blood vessels seeping through the semipermeable membrane.

But again, there’s no evidence to back it up, so feel free to enjoy those leftovers. The onion and sock therapy is one of those hacks that keep making a comeback on the internet from time to time. Check out the infographic below, where we have presented an overview of this therapy.

The post has been circulating for years, regularly resurfacing during bad flu seasons or during the H1N1 outbreak in 2009. A copy-and-paste shared by Teri Bloom, who said her grandmother effectively treated her colds and fevers with onions, gained traction. In England, during plagues they would chop up onions and leave them in the room to purify the air and to help them not be susceptible to infections, the flu or anything that may harm them.

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Compounds from onion have been reported to have a range of health benefits which include anticarcinogenic properties, antiplatelet activity, antithrombotic activity, antiasthmatic and antibiotic effects. We invariably have onions in our kitchens, because almost all our dishes are incomplete without them. It is more of a compulsion, because we believe our dish is incomplete if we do not add golden brown sauteed onions in it. But did you know that apart from enhancing the flavours, onions do a lot more to your health. This layered vegetableare a part of the allium family of vegetables and herbs, which also includes chives, garlic, scallions and leeks.

Its knifes float to adjust position to the size of the radish to reduce waste and it is easy to maintain. Your doctor can also give you their professional opinion about some home remedies, including whether the potential benefits outweigh the risks. But if something relatively harmless one side of dogs face is swollen makes you feel better, have at it — just don’t skip medications or treatments that have been scientifically proven to work. Moms in Canada are also willing to try anything to help their kids feel better amid a shortage of children’s (and now adults’) pain and cold medications.

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