Best Brooks Running Shoes 2021 Brooks Running Shoe Reviews

While the other is a neutral runner with the most “spring” a Brooks shoe has to offer. Below we’ll be breaking down the difference and helping you decide the right road running shoe for you. Past Levitates delivered high energy return with the TPU and PU DNA Amp midsole, but problematic with those past models was their stiffness and weight.

I love anything running related from working within running specialist retailers, big brands you name it. I’m definitely really excited about reviewing all the new products coming out and giving you my opinion. There is an age old saying that the best thing about running is that you just need a pair of shoes. The Levitate 3 looks like it demands it’s premium price tag, and fits in well with others in the same price range. At 10.7 ounces is a heavyweight for a daily trainer this low to the ground and with this little cushioning.

This means the shoe is able to deliver energy directly back to the runner. Brooks describes the feel of the shoe as flexible but firm. When trying them on, the Adrenaline’s feel like they fit pretty true to size. If you have a wide foot or are getting them for an ultra over 50 miles I’d probably even half size up.

As you can see we compare this side by side with a highly reflective shoe, the Hoka Mach 4, and the Levitate is dull and lacking in low light. Even though the white midsole lights up a bit, it’s not highly reflective at longer distances. The midsole and outsole are both going to last a long time without much fear of wearing out. The 9.1mm drop is a bit steep in my opinion, putting you on your heels and with the stiff midsole, there’s a lot of pounding to absorb through your legs in this shoe. They have a thick 9.1mm tongue (5.5mm is average) which feels good over the top of your foot. You are looking for a plush, recovery-day or long-day running shoe.

With Brooks saying there is “max spring in the Levitate”. The most responsive expression of Brooks’s DNA foam debuted on the Hyperion Tempo. “I wanted more rebound, better shock dobolee herb absorption, lighter weight,” said former Brooks president Jerry Turner to Runner’s World in 2016. For someone who wants to run a new 5-10k PB, I think this is a great option.

We also run in these shoes ourselves and analyze data from our RW Shoe Lab, combing through data on past models, measuring energy return, cushioning, and flexibility. Below are the 12 best shoes according to our research. The upper looks like it will be a good fit for a narrow foot shape, light and breathable material.

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