Website building 101 with GoDaddy Online Starter Bundle

You can now make individual pages, but not the entire site, private by requiring a membership sign-in. An open-source solution, WooCommerce is free if using WordPress to build your site. Like many open-source products, it’s a little clunky and difficult to get used to. As a beginner, you will likely find GoDaddy to be easier to use.

Creating a basic site using GoDaddy was a relatively effortless process. GoDaddy’s simple-to-use tour through the interface will help you begin setting up your site. You are immediately presented with the bare bones necessary to create a site, including a basic header page, an “About Us” page, and a simple contact form to configure. GoDaddy’s pricing plans are fairly straightforward but to get any real value, you need to choose the “Commerce” plan or better.

However, it is a well-recognized and solid e-commerce platform. You can create projects from scratch, work with templates, add/edit images, including text graphics and shapes, and use many other features. Accessing your projects is possible across multiple platforms with Project Sync. By clicking on “Try a new look” under Themes, I discovered there are approximately 20 you can choose right off the bat. That’s less than some other providers but enough to create a clean and professional look that can be tailored to meet the goal of getting a store open and available to the public. Themes come with default images tailored to your market niche, or you can upload your own.

Will you be able to reach your hosting provider, or will you have to wait until the following day to find a solution? That valuable time off the internet could potentially hurt your business. Even if your site is optimized for speed, your host’s uptime could affect your site’s load time and accessibility. Pay close attention to the guarantees each company offers.

By providing your email address below, you are providing consent to GoDaddy Inc. to send you the requested Investor Email Alert updates. Needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding. I gave certain features more weight, relevant to the needs of a business wishing to bring itself online with a limited budget and possible lack of technical expertise. Yes, GoDaddy Website Builder includes mobile apps for managing the store both for Android and iPhone. It is worth noting that not all actions can be accomplished through the Mobile App. GoDaddy Website Builder itself is an upgrade from Website Builder 6.

To choose the latter, you must already have a UPS Access Key — you will need to set this up separately. Unfortunately, there does not appear to be an option for choosing any other different carriers, such as FedEx or DHL. Like most website platforms, GoDaddy Website Builder’s templates are fully responsive, performing equally well on the web and mobile devices. When you are developing your site, you will always be able to see how it looks on a phone.

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