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The mathematical foundations include basic probability, linear algebra, and optimization. The programming abstractions include data manipulation and visualization. The principles of empirical analysis, evaluation, kennesaw state university demographics critique and reproducibility are emphasized. Mathematical and programming abstractions are grounded in empirical studies including data-driven evidential reasoning, predictive modeling, and causal analysis.

Students receiving two or more grades of below B or U in the School of Engineering courses are not making adequate progress and will be placed on academic probation for the following three quarters of registered enrollment. Each student is required to complete at least one quarter of teaching assistantship. Certain exceptions may be permitted for those with extensive prior teaching experience or those who are not allowed to be employed due to visa regulations. Students interested in the major should pay special attention to the overlap between general education requirements and major requirements, as the major covers up to six general education requirements. A student is required to be registered or onFiling Fee Status, whichever is applicable, during the quarter in which the degree is conferred. Students should consult their graduate student advisor to determine which option fits their situation.

Degree may be taken before beginning the graduate program through the concurrent enrollment program. Upper-division undergraduate UCSC CSE courses may be taken as a graduate student to strengthen a student’s knowledge base. At most, 5 credits of UCSC upper-division undergraduate CSE courses may be counted toward the 48 credits requirement as an elective.

ECE 103 & ECE 103L Capstone course Capstone course Concentration course Concentration course Concentration course Curriculum charts for all Baskin Engineering majorsare available on the department’s website. Majors are considered for “Honors in the Major” and “Highest Honors in the Major” based on their GPA and on results of undergraduate research and other significant contributions to Baskin Engineering. Students with a GPA of 3.70, in most cases, receive highest honors. Students with particularly significant accomplishments in undergraduate research or contributions to Baskin Engineering may be considered with a lower GPA. Computer engineering juniors and seniors may also be eligible for election to the UC Santa Cruz chapter of Tau Beta Pi, the national engineering honor society founded in 1885.

In consultation with the adviser, the student forms a master’s thesis reading committee with at least two additional faculty members, each of whom is provided a copy of the proposal. The student presents an expository talk on the thesis research, and the final thesis must be accepted by the review committee before the award of the master of science degree. To continue in the Ph.D. program, students must advance to candidacy by the end of their third year. Students are advanced to candidacy after they have completed the course requirements, passed the qualifying examination, cleared all incomplete grades from their records, have an appointed dissertation reading committee, and paid the advancement to candidacy fee.

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