The 10 Best Slang Expressions In Spanish

Some things, you just need to find out for yourself. “Then, maybe just three or four times,” she said, straight-faced. The vendor promised this drink would provide “seven times for sex!” All photos by Ada Kulesza. He was annoyed when I saw him in Brussels with a gun in his hand. I have a gun in my hand and a lifetime of unfortunate reflexes.

But instead I shrugged and walked up to the counter and handed the woman my last twenty dollar bill. I found a bottle of something labeled as “Por espiritus malos,” which seemed promising. amazon search exclude words 2021 Apparently it was an incense oil or something like it. There were no instructions of any kind, no label at all on the back. Only the words and then a small drawing of a figure.

The origin of this expression is not quite clear, but it has something to do with the fact that chatterboxes usually gesticulate too; so, in a way, they speak “through the elbows” as well. She smiled at me a little at this last part, the first time she’d done that all day. I could tell that she thought she was a good dancer, and so was I.

I thought about El Mano Poderosa, with the creepy baby Jesus balanced on the thumb of his own bleeding hand, but I was afraid maybe that wouldn’t be witchy enough for Claire. It showed a figure drawn in black, un indio with a top knot and either war paint or face tattoos like tiger stripes all over his bald head. He had a necklace of claws and teeth, one giant earring and a spear with a point the size of his head. His eyes were drawn crooked, with one just a little bigger than the other, but they looked through you instead of at you all the same.

My grandma had taught me, leading as the follower, swaying to the oompapa of tejano music on the radio. This would be alright, I thought, and I had us both kneel before the coffee table. She took a sharp left turn and down a road I probably wouldn’t have seen was a single wide trailer set at crooked angles to everything.

Peru, of course, is far from the only country where men are concerned about the integrity of their tumescence. SVSS, at least, doesn’t require the slaughter of animals in danger of extinction. She held up a phallic wooden bottle opener, complete with a bulging red glans on the end. “The tree grows like this naturally,” she said.

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