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Use as many filters and sorting options as you can to make your search as specific and refined as possible. At the search bar, select a department to search , type in your search terms, and click the magnifying glass icon. Using the search window at the top of the screen, type in keywords or a phrase describing what you’re looking for.

The unfiltered results will produce a keyword list well into the hundreds. We used the example of “fanny packs,” which have been trending lately, to see what Magnet 2.0 pulls up for related search terms. You can also use this feature to exclude items that are not of interest to you, such as used items or products that are not available in your country. Excluding specific words can help you focus your search and find the products you are looking for more quickly. This is where you use the filter feature from the left-hand menu to refine your search. It helps you filter your search results by department, price, or review score.

When using Brand name or names and Keywords you have to enter one Brand or one Keywork per line with no spaces at the end of the last word. Use the contextual help (?) on the right hand side for reference. Go to the Dashboard and click ‘Import from your in a cross aabbcc � aabbcc, what is the probability of producing the genotype aabbcc? eCommerce Store’ if you need to remove existing listings. If you block or unblock a product, make sure you go to the Dashboard and click ‘Upload to Marketplace’ to push any changes to the marketplace. Shopper search queries from matching with your ad.

Not tagged – Find all resources that do not have the specified tag key. – Find all resources with the specified tag key, but there must be no tag value. Near the top of the screen, you’ll see a bar labelled “Search.” Click the white box in the middle and type in what you’re looking for.

The following code snippet shows an example of a filter pattern that returns all log events where messages contain the word ERROR or ARGUMENTS and the words ERROR and ARGUMENTS. Searching by keyword is a free text search that lets you search for a value across all of your resources’ attributes. To search by keyword, enter or paste what you’re looking for in the search field, and then choose Enter.

There sure are a lot of results, though… how will we know what product is right for us? Fortunately, the left-hand menu contains a bunch of ways to refine your search. Often the resulting list of terms includes many words that aren’t part of your product listing. This is where the “exclude phrases that contain” filter becomes useful. It eliminates the words you don’t need as part of your listing to dial down your list even further.

As the filter value, the command returns only snapshots whose description is “database” or “database” followed by one character. If this check box is cleared, client filtering is performed. Attribute searches use either API filtering or client filtering, depending on the selected attribute. When performing an attribute search, the attributes are grouped accordingly. Searching by keyword is a free text search that lets you search for a value across all of your resources’ attributes or tags, without specifying an attribute or tag key to search.

If you leave out the double quotations and just put phone then if a word has phone in it then that will be excluded, for example iphone will be excluded. Both functions will import any new products you add to your eCommerce Store / or Feed and block them from listing in Omnivore. Like all blocked products they will be in the be visible via the Blocked Tab on the Product Search and they will say blocklisted on the product page. To make them list you must manually ‘Unblock’ them in our system. To remove a particular attribute which is part of a Product, type in the keyword that is part of the attribute you want to remove from products in the Remove these attributes from products box. Type in a keyword, categories, brands or check the exclude on-sale products box.

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