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Skaters are roomed according to age, grade, and camp skating level. In most cases, rooms are composed of skaters enrolled for the same level. Our goal is to have roommates begin and end their camp experience together.

While we can’t guarantee that you’ll see your skater, we do our best to make sure everyone’s photo is taken and posted on the SSM Figure Skating Instagram. Skaters will have to re-register for private lessons. At that point, prime lessons may be filled. Any request to change Group Level must be made a minimum of a week before camp commences. The capacity of the camp is 100 skaters per week or 20 skaters per group. Skaters who register after the maximum capacity has been reached will be put on a waiting list and won’t be charged until a spot is open.

Zach Parise’s older brother most recently made headlines in last year’s training camp when he took a shot in the dark at a slot in the New York Rangers system. Outside of that, he continues to build his portfolio between the AHL, ECHL and Europe. Upon dropping out, Chorney spent the bulk of his first two seasons with the AHL’s Springfield Falcons (who were then Edmonton’s affiliate, but served as Tampa’s training ground when Smaby was there).

Please mail letters & packages early as mail can take up to four days. Many parents start mailing letters & packages even before skaters leave for camp. Consistent and clear rules are established. Staff members encourage skaters to solve problems, rather than imposing solutions. Our counselors help skaters recognize and respect one another’s feelings. Counselors encourage cooperation, helping, taking turns, and constructive verbal communication to solve problems.

The average amount that a skater will use generally runs between $20 – $60.00/week. Cash is kept in the camp bank and distributed once each day at lunch. Money not used by the skater is returned when the skater departs camp. SSM Training Camp offers sessions for skaters kennesaw state university demographics ranging in age from 8 to 18 years old. Depending on the skater’s level and interest, they usually start attending camp between the ages of 8-10. Of course, you know your skater best and know whether they are ready for an active and challenging camp experience.

It is very difficult to study here, but the results are stunning, far exceeding the national average. The school actively develops various platforms for distance learning, introduces elements of online studies, special e-courses, lectures, resources and books, teaching aids into the courses. For foreign students, the school has a special program for preparation and adaptation of Global Education, which works in conjunction with intensive English courses ESL . Andy Murray, former head coach of the ice hockey team for the 1998–99 season. Training through the winter combined with travel to tournaments and events in warmer climates provides experience and exposure to young golfers from the Midwest, where such opportunities are limited. Every student has the opportunity to explore interests in a wide variety of the arts through introductory courses, and advanced study is available through the Centers of Excellence.

’’ It takes a lot of time and effort to find counselors and coaches who will meet the needs and expectations of our skaters. It also takes time and tremendous preparation to ensure that the summer program is both interesting and stimulating for our skaters. However, when it comes to helping a homesick child tackle the hurdles of being away from home, it takes more. This requires special experience and sensitivity.

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