MAX Royal Blue Suit with Contrast Buttons

The royal blue hue of this suit can be worn anywhere from business meetings to beach vacations. Vitale Barberis premium Italian wool suit, A timeless suit made from Vitale fabric. This suit is the perfect weight to wear all year round and shines between spring and summer. In case of request of tailored suits you will be given a specific quote. Prices may vary depending on the services offered by the authorized dealer. You can wear it as a business suit if the shade is not too bright.

We gave you an example with a tie here, but a red tie with a blue suit could also work well with a black shirt. The blue suit and tie combination is an excellent choice for a black-on-black look. The black-on-black suit works very well for formal occasions. A black tie with a blue suit will make your style shine if you are able to master this style.

When we say “royal Blue” the very first shade that comes to our mind is the shade of royal blue ink! But fashion has now moved to a higher level where producing multiple variations of a single color on ‘n’ number of fabrics is nothing big. Hence you can see many options privateavacado in the royal blue color itself. Great royal blue suit don’t have to be out of reach for men with a lower income.’s wholesalers also offer cheap suits that thanks to their great cut, color, and style still apport an air of success to their wearer.

Our collection of navy, dark, and light blue prom tuxedos includes classic as well as contemporary looks that will have heads turning. Make a royal entrance at prom when you indulge yourself with our exotic prom suits. Royal blue is the most powerful of blue shades for a suit.

Double-breasted suits are appropriate to wear for office. This helps you to stand away from the corporate crowd. Wearing a 6×2 button royal blue black double breasted suit for everyday work looks simple and cool. Remember to fasten the middle button and leave the bottom undone while wearing a double breasted royal blue black suit. Don’t make the shirts to shout with large prints or patterns. A royal blue and black suit with simple accessories also creates a standard look.

Try to pick an interesting pattern to add some elegance to the royal blue and black suit. Wearing a wool royal blue black suit never let you feel uncomfortable in the summer or winter. Wearing a royal blue black wool suit during sunny days gives a cool and fresh look.

Convertible cuffs with ruffles, patterned button and twin cufflinks buttonholes. Check the items you are interested in and add to the cart . Turn some heads at prom when you indulge yourself in one of our blue attires. Every suit and full tuxedo comes with a Gentleman’s Guru waterproof garment bag to protect your investment.

You can also try wearing a blue dress with black shoes and a black crewneck shirt underneath. Learning about blue suit combinations means knowing the style elements that can make your look stand out from the crowd. No outfit is complete without a few well-chosen pieces. You can experiment with accessories, shirts, colors, ties, and anything else you need for your blue suit. We’ll show you some simple rules to help you get the most out of your blue suit.

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