How to Exclude Results in Google

The IQ score on Helium 10’s keyword research tool Magnet is a score based on keyword search volume vs # of competing products. For example, if a keyword has high search volume and is being used by a small # of competing products, then it will have a high IQ score. Low search volume keywords with a high # of competitors will result in a low IQ score. You can also exclude an entire phrase from your search results by placing it in quotations and placing a minus-sign in front of it in the search bar. Google will omit every results page that contains an exact match of the phrase in quotations.

Remember to always include a space before the – sign, and none after. Excluding results on Google Search isn’t complicated either – you’ll need to start learning about Google search operators. Search operators are symbols or words that you can include with your search to help narrow down your search and find more relevant results. A minus sign (-) before the clause is the syntax to indicate an exclusion clause. When excluding multiple clauses, each exclusion clause must have the minus sign before the clause. Learning how to use search operators and excluding words from your search will effectively improve the quality of your Google search results.

With a list of more relevant results, you’re finding a laptop stand that you’re actually interested in…faster. When you look through the search results, you realise that most of them are related to the musical instrument steel drums. Depending on the kind of gym you want, you can ask Google to exclude the other types how to exclude word from search of gyms. You then get a more refined list that is relevant to what you are looking for. In this tutorial, I will show you how to exclude words from Google search and get the most accurate results possible. Eliminating the word “women” reduced the results to 716 terms compared to the 1,587 from the last attempt.

Google recognizes hyphens, slashes, periods, equal signs, and apostrophes as phrase connectors. How to exclude multiple words or phrases when searching in Discovery Accelerator. The colon symbol can be a useful tool for filtering search results by website, domain type, and more. When you use a minus sign or hyphen in front of your web search, the google search algorithm will omit all web pages containing that term.

Just remember that WordPress searches the title, the content and the excerpt of each post, so if you exclude a word that exists in any of those places, the post will not be included in the results. Most browsers also allow you to perform a web search directly from your address bar, although some have a separate search bar next to the address bar. Simply type your search terms and press Enter to run the search.

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