From The Confessional: Comfy Leggings Or Not, MLMs Are A Big LuLa-NO

It annoys me when my SIL calls herself a “small business owner” or “entrepreneur”. 10,000 pieces in your garage is called DEBT. I want my nephews to be able to afford college.

Leggings are meant for working out, lounging around the house or worn under a dress. I’m going to TJMaxx with a bottle of wine and saving myself from some serious fashion faux pas, saving my wallet, and at least enjoying myself. Fuck lularoe “parties” and there incessent posts and crappy jersey knit, frumpy, toddler prints!

If there is a silver lining to the experiences of Katie, Karyn, and thousands of other former LuLaRoe consultants, it’s that they are not alone. Women from across the country have banded together in private Facebook groups and Reddit forums. One member uploads DeAnne’s Instagram stories and “home office” webinars so everyone in the group can watch. Another pays out of her own pocket to download the latest court filings in the MyDyer lawsuit from the court’s website, and then summarizes the updates for the group . Women share their stories and hundreds of supportive comments rush in. Katie had become fed up with LuLaRoe after attending the cruise for top sellers in February 2017.

The LuLaRoe salesperson gets what she gets and doesn’t know in advance of a party what she’ll have available. It just rubs me the wrong way to think you should be super happy about not being able to get the colors/patterns you want. What I see a lot of my friends wearing is not. I would totally wear that black dress on your link. Most of what I see is a lot of old fashioned prints. They make my friends look more filled out than they actually are.

They change the rules constantly and it’s next to impossible to keep up. The rules always seem to benefit management and not the consultants. And when consultants complain they are looked upon as negative and playing the victim card. No, some of us are realists and think you people are morons! They claim that consultants are their own bosses and own their own businesses.

—what is lost are the stories of the families who say their savings were depleted after they bought into LuLaRoe’s dream. Including families and individuals who filed for bankruptcy after doing business as a LuLaRoe consultant. And DeAnne and Mark’s own family, which has been “completely fractured,” according to one family member, by their ruthless pursuit of success. LuLaRoe has painted itself as the ultimate family business, altruistically making the world an easier place for moms who want to have it all. But just like Katie’s Instagram photos, behind that glossy veneer lies a different story, which is a lot more complicated.

My 10 year old has a pair of Pocahontas leggings and even she only wears them at home. The cult following, trend, brand, social pressure, Mormon-ness draws women to LLR, but it seems like the ugly designs at least ga domain partially stem from time pressures put on designers. At least one designer who has worked for LLR mentioned unreal quotas to meet. Not because of any bad customer service experience, their pizza is just awful.”

Then, within a few hours, I received an invoice from Betsy via email. I clicked the link in that email and was taken to a different payment platform where I had to enter my credit card, billing address, and shipping address . Then I got an actual receipt emailed to me.

My granddaughter is 6 and her leggings and dresses take a real beating at school and at recess and I have not had one problem. Her clothes all were bought from a consultant and mine have all been from goob since I refuse to pay that price for my clothes. I really like the perfects and my mom loves the Irma. I’ve never been a huge fan of the LLR style (my closet is mostly black/gray t-shirts lol!), but I see the appeal of the prints for some people. However, I’m seeing more and more reviews like yours 🙁 Rips, extremely poor quality materials, bad craftsmanship… And for such high prices! I’ve heard the reps are really great about “fixing” mishaps like this, but such rampant suckiness has cemented the fact that I’ll never put money into their company.

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