Wow Toyz Classic Train Wow Toyz Maple Syrup Freight Train

Wubbzy picks up a slice of pie and is glad he and his friends made it in time for dessert. The engine reverses back to the picnic, and the engineer comes back with the mechanic. Wubbzy tells what happened, and Widget apologizes for the train malfunctioning. The engineer laughs scott rudkin photo and says that she put the express back in the old Wuzzleburg Express. As the Wuzzleburg Express is running at high speed, the three realize they need to pick up passengers at the next station. Widget pulls a lever, but the train won’t slow down and it whizzes past the station.

Wubbzy and Daizy befriend Earl, who just got a rare footy-football card of Touchdown Tiki. They both want the Tiki card so they keep acting nice, but phonily, to Earl./Widget builds a machine where Wubbzy makes clones of himself. Unfortunately, the Wubbzy clones soon turn into wacky Wubbzy’s with crazy quirks. Our 4 friends are back in Wuzzleburg after going to Wuzzlewood.

Off to their favorite Kooky Karnival, Wubbzy and friends hit an unexpected delay when their train breaks down on the tracks. Widget’s fix sends the train zipping down the tracks—with no brakes! Hop on the Wuzzleburg Express to see what happens!

Wubbzy finds a woogle bugle, but makes loud noise, so he can’t play the Woogle Bugle. The Horrible Beasty Beast wants to scare everyone and eat Wuzzleburg, so Wubbzy can use the loudest bugle to scare him away. When Wubbzy hits his head, he loses his memory and moos like a cow. 209bWubbzy and his friends compete in the Wuzzleburg Wacky Dash, as part of the Wuzzlolymic games. Everyone just wants to win and cheats, expect Daizy.

Daizy gets frustrated when she can’t play any instruments, but still wants to join the gang’s new band. A popular girl group called the Wubb Girlz comes to Wuzzleburg. While Wubbzy shows them around, their fans, unfortunately, do not get to see them because they are having so much fun with their newest fan and friend, Wubbzy./The Wubb Girlz are hosting a talent competition.

In these earth-friendly episodes, Wubbzy, Widget, Walden and Daizy must find a new place for the Wuzzle Bears to live, think up creative ways to reuse juice bottles and learn to grow their own doodleberries. Friendship takes center stage as Wubbzy and his pals search for a lost Wiggle Wrench, escape a runaway Doodleberry Cake, build a Super Robot, teach Walden to boogie and work hard for Wuzzleburg trophies. Together they discover the importance of positive values like confidence, cooperation, team work and above all , the meaning of friendship. Wubbzy and Daizy befriend Earl, who want a rare footy-football card. Wubbzy and his friends join the The Wubb Girlz on stage, after Wubbzy gets stage fright and won’t go on.

222bWubbzy struggles with stage-fright when performing with the Wubb Girlz. To help their friend, Daizy, Widget and Walden try several things, from Walden’s hypnosis to Widget’s invention, the Wow Wow 3000, but nothing works, especially when Widget’s invention was the fake Wubbzy. The real Wubbzy then gets told by the Wubb Girlz that performing together is the best way to conquer stage-fright. 222aWubbzy tries to adjust to his new star image as a hip-hop dancer named Wubb-Z. 219aA popular girl group called the Wubb Girlz comes to Wuzzleburg.

105aWubbzy has a lot of chores to do, but when he gets a brand new Kickety-Kick Ball, he puts off his chores while he plays. Before he knows it, his lawn is a jungle and his house is a mess. 103bWalden, wanting Wubbzy to have the best birthday party ever, makes a marshmallow lasagna.

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