What Does Merci Beaucoup Mean?

De rien is an informal way of saying “you’re welcome”. It’s literal meaning is “for nothing” as in, there is nothing you have to thank me for. It is an expression most commonly used between family and friends. Learning some basic phrases is essential when you begin your journey with any language, and “thank you” is one of them. However, sticking to just one translation of this expression is boring – and can cause some trouble in different situations.

This response is often used in formal discussions, although it can also be used for informal purposes. Built by experts, Rosetta Stone has been the leading language learning platform for 30 years. Through carefully scaffolded lessons, you can learn language immersively with the exact pacing you need to feel conversation ready. Whatever your reason for learning a language, Rosetta Stone helps you experience the joy of making meaningful connections with the world around you. Impress even yourself by picking up the French phrase c’est vraiment gentil de votre part. The first use of “Merci bien” was sincere, while the second was said sarcastically with annoyance.

You would normally give this kind of response to your staff at work, in business meetings, or any other official gatherings. However, this response can also be used for informal purposes, if you wish to. Also, a response such as De rien , or Je vous en where can i buy metapets prie is okay for this expressions. Merci mille fois is another phrase you can use to show a huge appreciation to people. This expression can be used both for informal and formal purposes, so you are free to use it anywhere and in any conversation.

Literally with pleasure, the English equivalent is of course “my pleasure”. This is a no–brainer if you’re looking for an easy reply to someone’s “thank you” in French. Merci bien means thanks a lot, but it is slightly more proper and polite than merci beaucoup. It isn’t something you’d say to a friend, but you could use it with a stranger, such as a store clerk.

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