Music songs that speak to your asexual soul? Asexual Musings and Rantings Asexual Visibility and Education Network

Pooja, daughter of filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt, is glad T-Series, which owns the film’s music rights, is in resonance with her decision. Some people I’ve played it to think it’s sad, but I love it because it really resonates with me. Romance This book is for anyone who needs to know about the wonderful people who don’t want sex, and don’t feel attracted to anything sexual. And more importantly, for those misunderstood people themselves who are just wishing to be understood. This one’s for all those who have friends who want to go out and drink, get drunk, listening to the worst music that’s way too loud and it sets off my anxiety in all honestly.

Which really expresses how I feel about being aro, and part of why I think being aro is a positive force in my life. A personally favourite of my 14-year-old self, All Time Low have been a major influence for my growing up and they introduced me to the pop-punk genre of music and were one of the first bands I sort of obsessed over. “I Feel Like Dancin'” is the perfect party song, I just wanna dance and not be pushing weirdos away from me!

This may not be a specifically asexual archetype, but it resonates with asexual stereotypes which cast aces as eternally childlike. As a parody of this archetype, the lyrics of “Mr. Brightside” snidely invoke the idea of “looking on the bright side” even as they otherwise paint a picture of suffering and certain doom. One of the best uplifting, positive songs to jam too, I mean it’s Jimmy Eat World!

It describes so well the feeling of being ostracized and alone with an issue no-one else seems to even ever recognize. You don’t even have to see the musical,just listen to this one song. I honestly recommend you give it a listen.The surge inu coinbase vocals are amazing,the music is amazing.Everything about this song is amazing. Different Drum by The Stone Ponies is one I really relate to. Even though it wasn’t meant to be aro/ace, I feel like it could apply through that filter.

Car Seat Headrest began as the solo project of Will Toledo, the band’s lead singer, and has since evolved into a full-band ordeal. The first Car Seat albums were released on Bandcamp and featured intensely personal lyrics often dealing with clumsy sexual encounters, mental health, and self-examination. On these albums, Will anxiously questions his sexuality, gender, and the significance of gender identity in general.

Way later I found the original version by the Smiths and learnt that the singer Morrissey could actually be asexual himself. MIKA – Lollipop is a super upbeat and happy song about how love always gets you down. Like, I don’t know if other aroaces would connect with it on the same level I do, but at this point I can only interpret it as being a super positive song about how love is a thing that causes pain.

But even at the age of 17, that has yet to be the case. Last October, to mark Asexual Awareness Week, I made a video essay about the songs I had found so far. Artists like Bradford Cox from Deerhunter and Virginia-based indie pop singer-songwriter Dearlie were obvious candidates for my list, because they are two of the only well-known openly asexual musicians.

Dearlie’s amazing song For Me, is about asexuality and is on her experiences as an asexual. She sings about the struggles of always hearing the phrases “you’re too young” and “you haven’t found the right one” but that she finally met herself, raising awareness to self-love and how important it is. She continues by stating that everyone loves a little different and that it’s all a part of being human. Here is a song for those who grew up watching Nickelodeon. Victoria playing ‘Tori’ and Liz playing “Jade” sing this song to a bunch of boys who are hitting on them at their favourite restaurant—which, I can relate too. Maybe not at a restaurant that’s kinda weird.

Initially released in a TikTok video on August 29th, 2021, Leith Ross’s “We’ll Never Have Sex” instantly became a hit with more than 1.1 Million likes. The song is an ode to a relationship, a relationship that “was sweetness” and “simple”. It’s about finding someone who loves you for you. Loves being in your presence and doesn’t expect anything in return. “Want me to spell it out for you? F-R-I-E-N-D-S!!” A more recent song in the pop world and such a perfect song with us aro-ace people!

A “polyester bride” is a derogatory term that refers to a woman who marries more than once. In her song of the same name, Liz Phair deconstructs the smirking misogyny behind that antiquated label, and paints a picture of herself unloading her relationship baggage in a conversation with a bartender. In the lyrics, she expresses that she has never truly felt happy or satisfied in any of her past relationships (“And I asked Henry my bartending friend / Why it is that there are those kind of men”).

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