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Despite the conflagration, the Ranger emitted very little smoke. It also generated far less smoke than the other fire pits we tested, especially after its logs caught fully, usually at about the 15-minute mark. Only the Solo Stove Ranger burned wood with less smoke emission, its fuel burning fiercely in 5 minutes. The Tiki Fire Pit’s logs burned efficiently as well, lasting for hours. A chrome valve knob allows you to control the flame height, and it comes with a lava rock set that enhances the flickering effect to better mimic the look of a traditional wood fire. Its high-quality steel exterior and a stainless-steel burner ensure durability for several years to come.

If you need to recharge it, a simple USB connection cord does the trick. Here are the best smokeless fire pits to turn your regular backyard into an outdoor party. Cooking on a gas fire pit that isn’t specifically built for cooking is not recommended, the only exception being toasting marshmallows, since they only touch the flame and not the pit itself. However, some fire pits do sell accessories that you can add for safe cooking, and others are designed with cooking in mind. Fire pit ignition systems range from simple ones using a match to complex ones using electronics and an app. At one end of the spectrum are match-lit fire pits, with which you start the gas and light a match to get it started, and that’s it.

Our journalists combine independent research with over-the-top testing so you can make quick and confident buying decisions. Whether it’s finding great products or discovering helpful advice, we’ll help you get it right . I have worked for Wirecutter for six years in various capacities, writing about everything from backpacks to plywood for countertop luggage to road-trip gear to car-camping tents. I currently live on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii, and spend a large amount of time at the beach working on our beach gear guide and our guide to camp cooking gear. Years ago, I tested a half ton of charcoal for a Wirecutter guide, comparing burn rates and cooking temperatures.

The bottom ash tray makes cleanup easy once the unit is cool since all you have to do is dump out the debris. The unit is painted with a rust- and heat-resistant finish, so it’ll last through multiple bonfire seasons. Keep in mind that it will naturally develop a patina over time. Keep in mind that in order to achieve secondary combustion, smokeless fire pits burn really hot; fires often get up to 4,000 degrees Fahrenheit, so safety should be top of mind.

A fire pit that can start the evening on a low setting for the ambiance and finish it with a roaring fire to keep the chill away is a luxury that wood burners don’t offer. It also comes with a quality-feeling cover to keep the rain off, and a removable ashtray to make dumping out the pellet ash pain-free. Pellets burn more evenly than wood chunks so the ash never has unburned lumps.

Sam’s Club has a number of fire pit options available for you. Read the following information to help you choose the outdoor fire pit that’s perfect for your outdoor space. The exceptionally high heat of the fire in a smokeless fire pit will keep you even warmer than a traditional fire pit. The Fireside Outdoor Pop Up Fire Pit is a great option that can fold up for storage and portability. It is also very affordable, perfect for occasional use at a campsite or on vacation. To use it, just pop up the legs, fill it with wood or charcoal, and start your fire.

We love how easy it is to clean this smokeless fire pit; simply remove the ashtray from the base of the fire pit and dispose of the debris inside. If you want to use the Solo Stove Bonfire on a heat-sensitive surface like grass or a wooden deck, you can purchase a stand for the unit separately. There are also several other cooking and grilling accessories available as well to fully outfit your campfire. Some prefer gas pits to wood-burning fire pits because there is no need to gather wood and there is no cleanup required after you’ve enjoyed your fire. In addition, gas pits can be used for tailgating parties, at the beach , and in the woods , so you can bring a fire with you easily to several locales.

Wood fire pit styles allow for rustic, traditional, or contemporary looks, so choose according to your preference and the style of the rest of your outdoor décor. You need topurchase and supply propaneto use this smokeless fire pit, something that adds to the overall cost. Also, the gas removes the traditional ambiance of a wood-burning fire. The steel table and slate top have an antique brass finish that works with a variety of styles and should hold up to the weather. It includes fire-safe lava rocks, although some people preferred to replace those after a time.

For a consistent amount, we selected three split log lengths roughly 15 inches long. We then stacked the logs together so at least some portion of each was touching the others. Executive Editor David Carnoy has been a leading member of CNET’s Reviews team since 2000.

With two configurations, the Hampton Bay Crossridge Antique Brass Gas Fire Pit burns clean and looks great. It serves as a focal point for your patio grouping and can go very easily from a smokeless fire pit to a serving or dining table. The slate top comes off to reveal the fire pit surface underneath. The flame is adjustable, so you can ramp it up or down as you like.

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