Calculations in Chemistry To calculate the number of moles in a solid we use the following Mole Triangle g n gfm g = Mass in Grams n= Number of moles ppt download

But in fact, the triangle of moles is one of the ambiguous figures in interpretation. Here a lot depends on the individual characteristics of this sign. This refers not only to its location, but also to the characteristics of the corners , as well as the direction of the top up or down. It is generally accepted that the triangle of moles carries positive energy and has a favorable meaning for the owner. A mole in the form of a triangle characterizes its owner as a person with stable moral principles, which he tries to observe throughout his life.

The specialist will give advice on how to remove the mole. Depending on its condition, you can choose the most suitable for you. In a woman, a triangle on her cheek can mean a large friendly family.

Moreover, the sun is considered a planet that favors men. Therefore, the right half of men is identified with the sun, respectively, the sun has a more favorable effect on men than on women. The owners of isosceles triangles are straightforward, which often complicates their life path, complicates relationships with others. Especially dangerous are moles that are convex, hanging, located on those parts of the body where they are easy to accidentally injure or cut. These are moles in the hollows, inguinal region, under the breasts in women, in the scalp, in those areas of the face of men who are regularly shaved.

Often, moles on the human body form intricate patterns and bizarre figures. Moreover, they can be located both on the happy and on the unfavorable half. For women, any patterns located on the left half of the body have a positive meaning. For men, on the contrary, drawings from birthmarks that adorn the right side of the body are considered happy. Connoisseurs of signs can easily recognize the fate and character of the owner of the marks by their outlines and location.

One or more moles on toes imply that the person may have to face issues in their marital life even after marrying someone of their choice. Having moles on the right knee indicates that you are to have a very successful life, friendly and honest in nature. Having a mole on the genital is highly write for us law lucky as it shows that you are a very romantic kind. Apart from being romantic, you are highly generous and open-minded. These people are really after experiences when it comes to life instead of rushing towards money. A mole on either side of the hips bestows you with a jolly nature.

No matter how fateful the value of a mole may be for you, if you suspect its malignancy, you must definitely get rid of it. If at least one point from the above test can be applied to any mole on your body, then this is a reason for an urgent visit to an oncodermatologist. Moles require regular check-ups giant size, since in more than half of all cases they degenerate into skin cancer. They can have different depth of germination, shape, color, size.

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