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When he played back the recording, he heard what sounded like a human voice. At first, he thought his tape recorder had somehow malfunctioned. In a previous installment of DEAD Time, I shared my experiences at the haunted St. Albans Sanitorium in Radford, Virginia. During my time at St. Albans, I gave paranormal tours, worked at the haunted attraction every Halloween, and conducted paranormal investigations in my free time. During these investigations, I made numerous recordings using a simple digital recorder. I would sit in the dark in different locations, with a recorder, and ask questions to attempt to interact with any spirits that might be present.

The first two seasons of this mockumentary series burst onto Netflix with a potent combination of potty humor and social commentary. A parody of true crime documentaries such as Netflix’s own Making a Murderer, American Vandal follows the aftermath of a high school prank gone wrong. After 27 faculty cars are left fatally vandalized with grievous phallic images, it’s up to a couple of sophomores to crack the crime, before the wrong person is expelled for good.

In the vein of The Sinner, Alias Grace steps back into its young female protagonist’s past to figure out why she commits murder, of which she has no memory. An adaptation of a Margaret Atwood novel, the show stars a hypnotic Sarah Gadon as Irish immigrant Grace, navigating a turbulent life as a servant for a family latin music fest 2021 in colonial Toronto. Partly based on a true story, this isn’t a straightforward mystery with straightforward answers and that’s what makes it all the more captivating. From the auteur who brought us The Haunting of Hill House and Bly Manor, comes another slow-burning horror series that’ll haunt you for days.

She plays Marie, a teenager who’s charged with lying about being raped, but of course it’s more complicated than that. Toni Collette and Merritt Wever team up as whip-smart detectives who see what others fail to, adding another layer to Unbelievable’s delicate, powerfully moving triumph. Sumptuousis one word to describe the production values of The Crown’s drama about the British monarchy. Following Queen Elizabeth II’s life, starting in her 20s with a powerhouse performance from Claire Foy, The Crown captures the grand workings of historical events from deep within Buckingham Palace. Figures like Winston Churchill, Princess Margaret, Margaret Thatcher and more are treated with the highest cinematic sophistication. A fifth andsixth seasonare on their way to round out your knowledge of the queen’s reign into the early 21st century.

Michael Jackson’s fans have been buying these dolls since the 1990s, and now Michael Jackson’s estate is trying to sell some of these. The estate wants to sell a couple of dolls a day, and with that comes a new doll made by a different artist every day. This is a Michael Jackson doll that was made by an artist in the United Kingdom. This is the first doll that I am selling and I have been selling them since the early 2010s. Some times you can buy the regular doll for $60 and get the outfit for another $40-$60 and pay less then the scams who dress him up and pass it off as an original release. Although Michael Jackson’s popularity continued well past the 1980’s, some of you may have owned a Michael Jackson toy or two back in our favorite decade.

Midnight Mass is Mike Flanagan’s latest creation, a meticulously crafted mystery spanning seven hourlong episodes. Riley Flynn, still paying the price for a drunk driving accident four years ago, returns home to Crockett Island, where the arrival of a charismatic new priest coincides with astonishing miracles around the town. Pregnant with a sense of foreboding and dread, Midnight Mass is an eloquent interrogation of faith, with horrifying supernatural monsters along for the ride. Germany’s answer to Stranger Things deliberately takes its time before stepping into completely compelling and original places.

Jackson had already adopted a “vocal hiccup” (first used in 1973 on “It’s Too Late to Change the Time”), which he continued to implement in Thriller. The purpose of the hiccup—somewhat like a gulping for air or gasping—is to evoke emotion, be it excitement, sadness, or fear. For his next album, Jackson wanted to create an album where “every song was a killer”. Jackson has already sold his dolls for over a million dollars, but he has also been known to give away or sell his own dolls.

Bodyguardbroke recordswhen it first aired in Britain, climbing from cliffhanger to cliffhanger at a relentless pace. This might be the definition of the unstoppable binge, not surprising given it comes from the mind of Line of Duty’s Jed Mercurio. Game of Thrones’ Richard Madden plays the titular bodyguard, who suffers from PTSD after serving in the Afghanistan war. On top of that, he’s assigned to protect the Home Secretary , whose politics he despises. Taking provocative turns, and crafting one of thebest-ever 20-minute opening scenes, Bodyguard is an expert tension-building balancing act.

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