SolarWinds: MSP Pulse can shed light on business transformation

You will get a centralized, scalable, and fully-managed data store optimized for cost and performance. You can also test hypotheses and discover patterns through an advanced analytics engine, built-in ML constructs, and interactive query language. Applications Manager offers sophisticated root cause analysis to detect and diagnose the problems faster by automating tasks through webhooks. It integrates with ITSM tools like ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus for incident management.

Use Datadog’s Service Map to visualize dependencies between your cloud and on-prem databases, containers, VMs, etc., and track data easily. It also automatically scales your AKS, Azure Functions, and Azure App Services to support higher traffic and increasing demand. Or, take the full suite of Azure performance monitoring tools starting at $1,663.

Finally, it provides application monitoring, allowing you to look at infrastructure metrics and then compare them to the performance of your applications. With Azure performance over time, and information on configuration, security, and Azure in q2 as notebook booms region, you can keep track of your entire Azure setup. WPM can monitor user experience on-premises or in the cloud, and you can deploy transaction players where your users are, to get an accurate picture of what their experience looks like.

This means you can ensure database performance for traditional databases and IaaS and PaaS databases. Finally, WPM provides comprehensive performance reporting tools, with the capacity to generate reports on metrics including web page loading speeds, website uptime, and transaction speeds. However, I prefer using SolarWinds Cost Calculator for Azure to calculate the cost of Azure plans and accounts. One of the most useful features of this free tool is it can look at orphaned objects you’re paying for but not using, so you can optimize your Azure service and reduce costs by cutting unnecessary objects. In addition, you can consolidate cost data to see which resources are deployed and what they’re costing you.

VMAN also undertakes virtual machine management functions, which can help you to optimize your virtual systems prior to migration to Azure. You can use VMAN to rightsize VMs, so you don’t end up spending more money than necessary on the migration. The tool includes sprawl alerts and recommendations, so you can figure out where you have virtual machines you don’t need, and it automatically identifies places where you can free up resources for both storage and processing power. If you’re running virtual machines as part of your Azure service, you need to ensure you’re monitoring them at all times after deployment. SolarWinds Virtualization Manager offers complete visibility across all your virtual environments. Its capabilities include monitoring and alerting on Azure infrastructure metrics.

Cullen said many MSPs are wondering what their benchmark should look like. He said these companies need information on how many new customers should they acquire per month and how much of their companies’ business should be managed services as opposed to hardware. The move comes as MSPs look for better ways to measure their progress as they grapple with business transformation at their companies. As channel companies transition from hardware reselling to an as-a-service subscription model, many are finding that shifting gears has placed new responsibilities on their business. As a result MSPs are looking for more analysis and insights as they move to the managed services model. SolarWinds also unveiled a new version of its Hybrid Cloud Observability solution.

If there’s one final prediction we could offer, it’s this—IT providers will continue to face change in the coming year, but will also persevere and adapt. 2021 will offer quite a few opportunities for growth, and we should fully expect IT businesses to be able to take advantage. Also, as businesses increasingly shift to Microsoft 365, they’ll start to sunset their on-premises Exchange™ and SharePoint® instances. This will further increase customers’ data protection needs, and perhaps be a major driver in the move toward cloud-first backup.

The new offering from SolarWinds, MSP Pulse aims to improve channel partners’ business strategies while also providing insight into how they stack up against their competitors. Don’t struggle to adapt your monitoring and management capabilities to the ongoing pace of IT-based change when it comes to IT operations management . Features a full in-depth Azure integration that allows you to achieve 360-degree visibility into your Azure ecosystem. You can use it to monitor Azure services and receive actionable insights into Azure.

SolarWinds Web Performance Monitor monitors commercial and custom apps deployed to Azure to validate the end-user experience. In addition, it can monitor website and web-based applications, enabling you to pinpoint and troubleshoot issues with performance before they affect the experience of your end users. You can view billing info by category, including user, group, project, cost center, or organization, to pinpoint where excessive usage or costs are coming from. You can also share this data—for example, to provide financial insights to stakeholders in charge of business or budgeting strategy. Another tool for Azure cost management and optimization is ShareGate Overcast.

Is a cloud based monitoring solution that allows you to obtain detailed insights into the performance and availability of over 100 Azure services. Ideally, you can monitor and track the performance of your entire Azure environment. Secondly, nOps allows you to identify underutilized resources and allocate your cloud resources.

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