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FoodCommon2099Raw Fish20A fillet of raw fish…slimy. FoodLegendary51Porridge20A bowl of piping hot porridge. PreparedFoodCommon2251Pearlpea Risotto25Perfectly ripe pearlpeas work best for this hearty rice dish. PreparedFoodCommon1001Pearlpea Jam25Commonly known as “pearl jam”.

On Lush, Forest, Rainforest, Primeval Forests (+dark versions), Gain +25% Energy or Health . Sunlight and irradiated planets reduce Energy, Health, and Rad Resistance. A mysterious carnivorous race bearing a resemblance to ancient Earth demons. A race of dog-like humanoids with impressive advancements in technology and an optimistic, borderline childish outlook on life. While creepy, they’re generally friendly and are an extremely curious people. The descendants of Humans who fled Earth in the face of a natural disaster.

1 ‘Eat Cake’ was also the job Mollygos was permanently assigned on the development roadmap (which she completed 596%). Consumed primarily by the Apex, Banana Bread is a type of food that is created through cooking. Roast Banana is a type of food that is created through cooking. Ham Sandwich is a type of food that is created through cooking. Burrito is a type of food that is created through cooking.

Like, if you take one Meat Club and one Campfire, it becomes a food item which fills up a good chunk of the hunger bar. It’d be great if the food item made you gain weight, as well. Coralcreep Curry is a food crafted through cooking using the Wooden Cooking Table, combining 1 chili, 1 Coralcreep, and 2 rice.

It is given to human players by default as one of their six Starter Recipes. Brineapple is a type of food created through cooking using the Wooden Cooking Table, combining 1 pineapple, 1 coralcreep, and 1 sugar. It is a known ingredient in cooking recipes such as the very powerful Pearlpea Pancakes.

Consecutive Perfect Blocks increase damage by +2% and protection by 2 per block. Additionally, in low-light you have vampiric attacks that heal back some of the damage you inflict on foes. They aren’t hardy, but they sure are fast and few other races can out-leap them.

Despite their fluffy appearance, this species is incredibly adaptive. They are no strangers to fighting and have their own unique power named Aura. Hot biomes reduce 701 bering dr houston tx a X’ians defense by 15% and increases hunger rate. Note that this race is intended for Survival or Hardcore mode. Their bonuses are 50% reduced on Casual.

Irradiated, Toxic, Alien, Proto, Chromatic, Jungle and Fungal biomes increase Power and Energy Regen by 14%. Increased hunger, requiring regular eating in order to be at their best. Anthropomorphic Fennixes were created through artificial genetic mutation and have become more widespread in recent years. Their fiery bloodline allows them to survive immense heat, including lava. A very adaptive and borderline childish species, these vulpines once transformed using stones.

These smithing-obsessed reptiles are reminiscent of the Dragons in many legends. They are extremely durable, able to resist fire and heat with little issue. Their upper-body strength makes them extremely capable with their favored weapon, the Broadsword. Digital creations given sapience and physical form, the Elunite are a truly unique people. Their society is based on the digital, and their individuality is precious to them. Each is a program different from any other, despite their shared link to the grand program that keeps them running.

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