Review : Raja Vikramarka Just for Kartikeya

Dealing about the security of the Home Minister of the state without his knowledge is something quite silly to think about. The lead actor gets easy access into Home Minister’s house which sounds quite funny. The director struggles hard to narrate the plot in the name of saving Home Minister. Sri Saripalli came with an action romantic entertainer on debut to score a hit. He came with a tailor made role for Karthikeya.

Raja Vikramarka is the new film of actor Kartikeya. He will be seen playing the role of an agent in the movie, which promises to be a nice mix of action and comedy. Vikram is an NIA agent who is assigned the job of keeping an eye on the Home Minister’s movements. The HM, played by Sai Kumar, is facing a life threat from an ex-rebel Guru Narayana .

The exchange scene is the major disappointment of Raja Vikramarka. The episode that unveils the major antagonist too was not convincing. The audience can easily guess all the twists and Raja Vikramarka fails badly right from the narration to the execution. NIA officer Raja Vikramaka disguses himself as a LIC agent and enters the Home Minister Chakradhar ’s house with the help of LIC Manager .

One can understand if Guru Narayan, the one who has a history with the home minister, becomes the main villain, but the so-called twist completely looks absurd. In the film under review, the premise is colossal. There is a Home Minister whose life is under threat. There is a crest-fallen Maoist who is nursing optavia healthy fat his wounds and is seething with a vengeance. For no rhyme or reason, the mission to protect the Minister has to be accomplished without informing even an ant, that too by a wilfully madcap junior . If anything, it is the AR Murugadoss cinematic universe and the crime-comedy flavour rolled into one.

On the flipside, the script itself is very weak and has too many illogical scenes. The person also hoped that it ‘brings back success’ to Kartikeya. Among them is Raja Vikramarka.The movie had been a talking point in the Telugu film industry in the run-up to the release. There are very few highs, lows or moments where you sense tension, intensity in Raja Vikramarka. With the potential it had in terms of the story and the immensely talented cast, the film never soars high. However, it’ll be good to see director Sri Saripalli take up a full-fledged comedy in the future, given the brief sparkles we get to witness with his knack for humour.

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