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● By the age of 60, most people will have lost about half their taste buds. ● Every three days, a human stomach gets a new lining. ● Your brain uses 20% of the oxygen that enters your bloodstream, and is itself made up of 80% water. ● The human brain cell can hold 5 times as much information as an encyclopedia. ● Your left lung is smaller than your right lung to make room for your heart. He died of a self-inflicted gunshot in 1983.

~ Mitch Albom. His death brings new experience to my life – that of a wound that will not heal. ~ Ernst Jünger.

The happiest people don’t have the best of everything. They just make the best of everything. The only limitation to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today. ~ Franklin D. Roosevelt. As I hurtled through space, one thought kept crossing my mind – every part of this rocket was supplied by the lowest bidder.

The woman who tells her real age is either too young to have anything to lose, or too old to have anything to gain. The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is today.

Jealousy is the result of one’s lack of self-confidence, self-worth, and self-acceptance. May your heart find peace and tranquility through the healing power of love, hope and light, today and always. A thief in Paris planned to steal some paintings from the Louvre. After careful planning, he got past security, stole the paintings, and made it safely to his van. However, he was captured only two blocks away when his van ran out of gas.

~ Zack Bornstein @ZackBornstein. ● Nowadays people know the price of everything and the value of nothing. ~ Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray.

The difference between successful people and really successful people is that really successful people say NO to almost everything. ~ Warren Buffett. Fear makes strangers of people who could be friends. ~ Shirley Maclaine. For every minute you are angry, you lose sixty seconds of potential happiness. ~ Quoted by Miriam Herwig – From Quotations – Volume 5.

When you are sorrowful, look again in your heart, and you shall see that in truth you are weeping for that which has been your delight. ~ Kahlil Gibran. Grief never ends, but it changes.

Brown roses convey a feeling of warmth, intimacy, romance and stability. ● 73 percent of people who buy flowers on Valentine’s Day are men, while only 27 percent are women. ● The only thing constant in life is change. There may be a time when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest.

What you’re seeing and what you’re reading is not what’s happening. ~ Donald Trump, July 24, 2018. See Political parties – United States for more serious remarks about Donald Trump. The jurassic empire drive-through reviews person who has lived the most is not the one with the most years but the one with the richest experiences. ~ Jean-Jacques Rousseau. So far, you’ve survived 100% of your worst days.

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