11 Ways to Relax on CFA® Exam Day

Plan to arrive at the CFA testing center 30 minutes before your test time and remember to dress comfortably. Please submit name update requests as soon as you become aware an update is needed. CFA Institute cannot guarantee requests will be processed if they are submitted less than 30 days before your appointment. Yes, there will be a personal belongings area with lockers at the CBT test centers. In fact, if you take into account the check-in time when you return from your break, you have just about minutes actual break time to grab a drink, snack and/or go for a quick toilet break.

To help clients navigate them, she shares her top five tax-planning and saving strategies. Doing some light stretching helps to relieve muscle tension and aids circulation. Start with your toes and work your way up to your neck. Now, it is extremely essential to be familiar with the exam environment and hence it is always advisable to practise on similar systems. These exams test your understanding of each concept and your ability to apply these concepts and solve real-world problems through them. In case you are experiencing flu or cold-like symptoms or have been diagnosed with COVID-19 or exposed to someone diagnosed with COVID-19 in the past 14-days, don’t go.

You’ve spent the past few months studying, taking practice exams and reading study guides. Your CFA exam is fast approaching, and now you’re looking for ways to further prepare yourself for the test. It can be difficult to know exactly what topics you should be covering in your last-minute prep. That’s where mock exams come in as a great resource for last-minute preparation.

Or other items such as ear plugs or rubber gloves if you need to use them during your exam. Also note that some medically necessary items may be allowed in the testing room only with prior approval. Both your calculator and calculator items will be inspected before the exam. It is your responsibility to have an approved calculator. If you use an unauthorized calculator during your CFA exam, your exam results may be nullified. It is your responsibility to have only permitted items with you and to obey all the rules.

Avoid any kind of gadgetsor other unnecessary stuff as you’ll have to pass through inspection and the more stuff you carry, the more will be your waiting period. Confirmation number – there’s no admission ticket. You’ll be required to give your confirmation number received on your email. Valid Passport – ensure that the passport hasnot expiredand it contains your particulars exactly as submitted to the CFA Institute.

And for an exam as prestigious as the CFA, low pass rates keep the charter exclusive. The primary requirements for candidate eligibility and verification to get started are covered in the four is salt before a workout good steps below and are part of the CFA registration procedure for the Level 1 exam. The only additional requirements for the CFA Level 2 and 3 exams are to have passed the previous level.

Watch a video from our partners at Prometric to learn what the exam day experience may look like for computer-based exams. If you are prepping for an upcoming Level 1 CFA® exam,check out these top 5 pointers for the Level 1 CFA exam. And if you want to take your test-prep game to a whole new level,click here for our FREE trial. To attempt the CFA Level 3 exam, you must have passed Level 2.

I just want to clarify my understanding about the calculator. If you can’t get the name change request processed on time you may not be allowed to take the exam. Practice how to set your calculator settings (here’s how to do it for BA II plus and HP12C), just in case a proctor resets it. We have heard reports from some candidates that the proctor reset their calculator prior to the exam, but this doesn’t happen to everyone.

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