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The most common colors of GMC Sierra pickups are black and white. Mine along with a lot of other AT4s are Summit White and that’s not even an option. Didn’t take away from my experience, but it’s just something I thought needed to be mentioned so it can be corrected. Ordered fender flares from American Truck because they said I would have the parts by a specific date and meet my deadline.

Yes- open box deals are a bit sketchy. The more its discounted the more risk it is. Most of the time however they will tell you the issues in the description ie “missing hardware, scratch, dent, etc….”

Will never deal with this company again. They don’t even follow their own procedures from their “order received” email when an order is placed. I cancelled my order and went with a company who respects and appreciates their customers.

In fact, great customer service can in some ways make up for lower quality control. If a company isn’t willing to stand behind what they sell they won’t get my business again. American Trucks has a consumer rating of 4.8 stars from 11,773 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Consumers satisfied with American Trucks most frequently mention customer service, great products and free shipping.American Trucks ranks 1st among Trucks sites.

I bought a non-new version of a tonneau cover that was supposed to be in “like new” condition , and only missing the c-clamps to hold the rails to the truck bed. I called before ordering and was assured by a representative that the description on the web site was correct. So I ordered the clamps from the manufacturer. Upon opening the box, there was a seal that was missing, another seal that was damaged, two cotter pins missing, and clear wear on portions of the canvas. It was far, far from “like new.” Other used covers of this model at the time that were described as similar condition to what I actually received were selling under $200.

I never received my order and was never told. Horrible company to do business with. From our growing catalog of parts to our large team of experts, we take the stress and aggravation out of modding so you can use your truck to its fullest potential. We know you want your parts now, which is why we offer FREE shipping on orders over $75 to the continental US, with nearly all orders shipping out the same day you purchase them. If you are stuck with your build or have a question about a part contact our world-class support team and get the answer you need. It goes against our guidelines to offer incentives for reviews.

The money is also needed to pay for fuel and maintenance on any vehicles or trailers owned by the player’s company. When performing quick job deliveries using an in-game company’s truck, repairs and other costs are paid by that in-game company and not from the funds of the player’s company. The player may also use the company’s money to purchase additional trucks and trailers which are held in designated slots in the garage. I just don’t like being lied to by the company before ordering. The reason I called before ordering to ensure the item description was correct was because of their no return policy on open box.

The player may use company funds to hire NPC drivers , who are placed in additional driver slots in the garage. Once the player has earned sufficient money, the player may also purchase garages in other cities and hire NPC notarycam review drivers to drive from those garages, as well. The longer an NPC driver is employed by the company, the more experience points they will earn, thus increasing the amount of money that driver earns from each delivery.

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