What to Wear in Puerto Rico: A Puerto Rico Packing List

It gets very hot in the jungles of Puerto Rico and you’ll want to bring plenty of water because there isn’t anywhere to fill up your bottle. That being said, you should definitely be packing bug spray to avoid this and if you are pregnant you will either want to load up the spray or avoid this part of the island altogether. I saw a few people in hiking boots, which I’m sure was great, but if you don’t have a pair or you don’t want to pack them, then don’t worry about it. Most of the paths in El Yunque are either flattened or have some form of paved or wooded pathway.

I usually pack 2-3 skirts with me to throw on over my shorts for a photo lol, but you can wear them all day! I would add at least 1-2 summer dresses to your Puerto Rico packing list. I’ve found they are also pretty well made and some of the best sweaters I have now.

Make sure, no matter how you’re getting to your destination, to always have a face mask on you. It’s a good idea to keep a few extra in your carry-on or personal item as well. “People underestimate the strength of the sun here,” says Claudia González, a front desk agent at Palacio Provincial in Old San Juan.

Casco Viejo has old, cobblestone streets so naked beaches of spain I recommend a durable yet lightweight suitcase, preferably carry on only. I use this spray if I’m in the woods or a forested area but for regular day time use, I’ve been loving these wrist bands. The bracelets contain a blend of insect repelling oil so you don’t have to apply bug spray directly on your skin.

Choose between the 35L or 45L sizes so you can take full advantage of carry on dimensions on any airline. You’ll have plenty of room for everything you’ll need in Puerto Rico. Sitting on her favorite beach in Puerto Rico, a former colleague of mine books her return visit for the following year. She flies the same airline, books similar dates, and always tries to grab a few extra weekends in her special spot throughout the year. A friend’s sister moved there to start her life with her new husband. A former student’s family spent American Thanksgiving there every year.

It even brings a toiletry bag and a string bag perfect for your dirty laundry. For your visit to Puerto Rico, you’ll want to include in your packing list a camera that can record your memories in every circumstance. The GoPro HERO9 is a top favorite action camera because it can record 5k video and take 20 mpx photos on the beach, underwater, and even while you’re ziplining.

Now that we have the main things to pack for Puerto Rico, here are some other things I pack or use for my trips. I really live in denim shorts and I packed 2 pairs with me for Puerto Rico. We were in Puerto Rico at the end of August and some nights, the humidity was insanely high. During the days, we could just be sitting in the shade and sweating. “Travelling is something which leaves you speechless and then turns you into a storyteller”.

Viator – Enhance your trip experience by booking from thousands of tours across the globe. Flashlight– Bring a flashlight with you on a bioluminescent bay tour. Not only do they show less sweat, but they keep you cooler. I usually go for cream and white colors, but if I can find a light shade of pink or purple, I’ll go with that too.

Ahh, Puerto Rico — the island of enchantment that has enthralled travelers for centuries. But as you prepare to go to the tropical paradise, you might be wondering did I pack everything I need? In this article, I will show you our complete Puerto Rico packing list to ensure you have a fantastic time on the island.

Many recovery efforts have been largely successful and you’ll find that most parts of the island are perfectly fine. Mosquitoes are a problem in any tropical or subtropical area. Puerto Rico is no different, and it’s wise to plan accordingly. I also recommend bringing aninsect repellent sprayto use on hikes and when you need to spray your clothes or bag. From the gorgeous waterfalls, to the clear water beaches a travel towel is an absolute must while in Puerto Rico. This towel not only dries in record time, but it even comes with a washcloth .

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