Uber Reserve now available in Puerto Rico

So, it would be best to forget using any ride-share apps all together while in Puerto Rico. Since then, there has been mounting street photography with 50mm violence between Uber drivers and Taxi drivers. Providing your age allows us to give you a more accurate rental estimate.

Smaller towns don’t have many stop signs or stop lights, so it’s common for a vehicle to stop to let another vehicle pull out. Inter-island air travel is also available in Puerto Rico. Airlines like Cape Air, Vieques Air Link, Air Flamenco and JetBlue offer flights to Culebra and Vieques and other the airports on Puerto Rico. The benefit of the taxi is also your first exposure to the country through a local’s eyes. They will often provide you with irreplaceable knowledge about things you want to do/know.

Some hotels offer transportation to and from popular attractions like El Yunque Rainforest and Old San Juan. The bill created the Public Service Commission Administrative Transformation Act, which worked to ‘simply and unify’ the requirements for all companies providing ground transportation. In regards to drivers, the companies must ensure that mobile applications include a driver photo as well as the vehicle model and plate numbers. Companies also must set up a resident agent to ensure compliance with the new laws. Smoking inside your car is one of the things that will cost you extra money, as car rentals have to deep shampoo the cars to get rid of the odor. If you’re taking a day trip, leave your valuables at a hotel safe and only bring with you the things you’ll be carrying.

Car rental websites also offer more information that can help with your visit to the country. For our Sixt car rental in Puerto Rico, the price to cover all toll fees was $10 a day. Fees maxed out at 10 days for $70 if you rent for longer than a week. We highly suggest asking about this if you intend to drive a lot around the island. This is most likely going to be an add-on fee available when you pick up your vehicle. Double check this with your Credit card company ahead of time.

You may find a ride-share that will drive you to your hotel from the airport in San Juan but, do not expect to find one when returning to San Juan or anywhere else. No matter which method of transportation you choose, you’re sure to enjoy your time in Puerto Rico. The island is full of beautiful scenery, amazing beaches, friendly people, and amazing food. This Puerto Rico guide will help you plan your trip and make choose the best transportation options so you can easily make your trip to Puerto Rico a memorable one.

If you are staying at a resort or in the San Juan metro area, then you may not need to rent a car getting around San Juan. The city is easy to navigate on foot or by using the public transportaion system. There is an inexpensive Metro transit system that includes Buses and the Tren Urbano . Additionally, many resorts offer complimentary shuttle service to and from the luis muñoz marín international airport and local attractions.

If you are traveling from the US to the Maldives, you might be wondering about currency. It mainly only operates in and around the San Juan area. If you are looking to venture to other parts of the island, you will need to choose between some of the options listed at the bottom of the article. As we discussed earlier, you can expect several possible issues to arise if you are hoping to rely solely on Uber in Puerto Rico. In this article we will detail some of the specific issues you will encounter with Uber in Puerto Rico, and also highlight 6 possible alternatives so that you know your options.

With the exception of shipping your own car to Puerto Rico, your best bet is to bundle your car rental with your hotel reservation in advanced with a site like Expedia. The issue is how poorly run the rental car centers are run. What staff many of the rental car centers do have working can be inattentive and rude at times. Rental cars are probably the best option for getting around Puerto Rico other than shipping your car there.

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