Slowpitch Softball Pitching Helmets

Australia has excellent softball teams which are a reflection of its coaching, education and training system. The pitch must be lofted in such a way that it falls onto the plate in order for it to be a called strike (the ball falls into the strike-zone instead of flying through). Pitchers strategize to pitch the ball with a high enough arc that the batter cannot hit a line-drive. The speed of the pitches ranges from 25 to 35 mph, resulting in plenty of reaction time. The responsibility for selecting the type of pitch is traditionally made by the catcher by relaying hand signals to the pitcher with the fingers.

I usually pitch in a league where the bats are restricted, single wall aluminum only. In my championship game last season I almost took a line drive to the head. Shin guards are something else that I should probably start wearing too, as should you. Guy on my team wears them under his pants, which I didn’t realize until 6×18 soccer goal he took a hit on his shin that i 100% thought broke his leg, and might have if not for the guards. Use to have just a rip it mask but it never felt like it would protect me from getting drilled in the head. The USA Softball Men’s Fast Pitch National Team has won five World Championships and three other medals.

“A Guide to Softball Field Dimensions

If the ball is hit to the first baseman, the second baseman then is responsible for covering first. If the ball is hit to the second baseman, they either throw the ball to second if there was already a player on first, or they throw to first if there was nobody on. Then, depending where the runner is between home and first, the second baseman makes the decision to throw the ball to first or to hold the ball. Also, in the case of a bunt, the second baseman must cover first as the first baseman runs to get the ball from the bunt, then it is often thrown back to first base. The first baseman is the position to the left side of the diamond when facing home plate.

In more advanced play, coaches may give signs to batters and/or runners to initiate special plays in certain situations. A catcher may signal to a position player that they will be trying to throw the runner out. A runner on base may see the pitch sign given by the catcher and hint it to the batter using hand or body motions. In some leagues the number of pitches to walk or strikeout can be reduced.

Our Energy Absorption System™ netting, composite BOW™ poles and powder coated steel frame soak up impacts while remaining stable on any outdoor or indoor surface. The Bodyguard portable protection net takes 90 seconds to assemble and is light enough that one person can easily move it around the diamond, gym or backyard. We’ve added a carry bag and a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. Train Like a Pro while reducing the risk of injury with our elite softball protection screens. As for the runners, we know that you need proper safety when sliding into any base– from the dirt, rocks, and even players guarding the base. That is why we also have sliding mitts, which work to keep your leading hand stabilized and nearly untouchable when sliding and running the bases.