To position, the bed, unlock the casters. Once the bed is in its desired location, lock all the casters by pushing on the locking levers. Unplug the bed when installing the backup battery. Open the locking lid of the control box to expose the port connections. Repeat the procedure for all four mattress retainers. Insert the lock pin through the mounting plate into the headboard to secure the headboard in place.

Concourse Team Express takes your privacy seriously. Please read the following to learn more about our privacy policy. This video does a decent job explaining what getting inside the ball means.

Check the full discussion for updated information. As of -, SWINGRAIL does offer free shipping policies. View the discussion thread for more details. I am not sure if this is still monitored. I have a 5 year old who has natural ability, but does not watch the ball either in his swing or when he tries to catch a ball.

Unplug the bed from the outlet prior to installation. Upon opening the control box, each motor connection port is numbered for ease of identification. Remove the nuts and bolts from the two round clamps on the caster legs at the head of the bed. Inspect the bed components for damage.

Nobody part should protrude outside the sleep surface. Caution should be used when transferring the individual to and from the bed. Moving the bed while the caster locks are engaged wiffle ball machine may damage the bed or the floor. Ensure all the casters are unlocked prior to moving the bed. Serious harm or death may result from the use of improper parts or accessories.

Consult your dealer or manufacturer for further information. When moving the bed ensure the power cord and pendants are secured. DO NOT, under any circumstances, cut or remove the ground prong from any plug. Some devices are equipped with three-prong plugs for protection against possible shock hazards. Ensure that the individual is properly positioned. The body weight must be evenly distributed over the sleeping surface.

Pull the footboard frame away from the bed squarely with both hands to the required length. Affix the battery backup with nuts and bolts to the side of the control box, on the same holding plate. Lift up the lid on one of the splitter ports and plug in the hand pendant.