Origins Of 12 New Years Traditions Around The World

Take out time to visit our catalog for more information on similar topics. To be honest, I’m still unsure when I first found out about this tiny detail, but for most of my life, I’ve played along — even as a small way to help manifest things like love, wealth, and friendship. For the most part, it’s just a fun little game, but many countries actually do have long-held traditions of associating underwear color with luck. It’s also a great reminder that you don’t actually know what a new year might bring, or the positive experiences you may have. By the time next year’s Dec. 31 rolls around, you could be a totally different person, full of fun stories about things you haven’t yet done, with new friends you’ve yet to meet. Right now, my life feels drastically different from the end of 2020, and it definitely felt different from the end of 2019.

If 2019 hasn’t been good to you health-wise, then wear something blue on New Year’s Eve. Blue brings wellness and good health, so if you have been sickly this past year no matter how often you work out or how much you try to eat healthy, you probably need some luck to get fit this 2020. Now, I’m stressed out about finding a set of red underthings in my size and at my price point before Thursday. I believe that my chances for love in the new year will be summarily thwarted if I don’t accomplish this quest successfully.

Time balls are now a thing of the past, but their legacy continues through the yearly celebration at Times Square. Yes in many Latin American countries, they believe the color of your underwear on New Year’s Eve can set the tone for the New Year. This blog post shares New Year’s lucky colors as they pertain to New Year’s Eve in the U.S., then we move to lucky colors for theChinese New Year.

If you want your white pants to be bright and crisp — and not stained — don’t wear colored underwear under them. The best thing to do is go with nude or flesh-colored lingerie that won’t show through your clothing. The color of your underwear can have a big vegan diet in spanish impact on how you look and feel. If you’re wearing white pants, it’s especially important that you choose the right color. Different cultures consider certain foods to be fortuitous for the New Year, especially when eaten right as the clock strikes 12.

Resolve to take our short quiz on these traditions then! We might even say there’s no better way to start the new year. By the 1800s, improved technology made champagne production easier, and people were making more money thanks to the Industrial Revolution. The middle class could afford to buy champagne as a drink for special occasions. At first, champagne was just one of many alcoholic drinks found on New Year’s Eve, but its reputation as a luxurious drink for festive moments would allow it to win out. We have been popping corks on New Year’s Eve ever since.