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The burden of proof, however, rests with the student to demonstrate the grading decision was made on the basis of any of the following conditions. Instructors are responsible for clearly stating the instructional objectives of the course at the beginning of each term and for evaluating student achievement in a manner consistent with these objectives. Students are responsible for maintaining standards of academic performance established for each course in which they are enrolled. Instructors are responsible for determining and assigning final course grades.

Another example is students in programs such as Law that requires 82 hours for graduation. They will be eligible for financial aid during the first 123 attempted hours. At the discretion of the major department, a student may repeat no more than two courses in which grades of “C” were earned for the purpose of improving his/her grade point average.

(See “Policy on Extension of Time” below.) A student who receives a grade of “NP” in Thesis Conference is not deemed to be making satisfactory academic progress. To remain eligible for financial aid, graduate and law students must complete their degree requirements within 150 percent of the published length of their academic program. At NCCU, this means that students in programs requiring 32 hours for graduation will be eligible for financial aid during the first 48 attempted hours.

The GRE is required for admission to all graduate programs in the School of Graduate Studies with the exception of Master’s of Social Work and Executive Master of Public Administration. Other exceptions can be made on an as needed basis. Graduate students must maintain a 3.0 cumulative grade point average. Law students must have a cumulative grade point average of 1.8 at the end of the first year of enrollment and a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.0 for remaining years. North Carolina State University admissions are quite similar for both domestic and international students.

No consideration will be given to a third request for extension of time. A student who receives three grades of “C” will be placed on academic probation even if his/her GPA is 3.0 or better. Failure to improve the grade in one of the courses within one calendar year after the grade has been recorded is cause for dismissal.

The Repeat/Repair option will not retroactively affect academic standing for previous terms. For example, use of the Repeat/Repair option may change a student’s cumulative grade point average, but it will not change the notation of probation previously recorded on the student’s record. The Repeat/Repair option may be used for a maximum of twelve credit hours and no more than three courses. Written notice of the committee’s decision and the reasons for the decision normally will be sent to the student and the instructor within 30 calendar days of the appointment of the committee.

Holmes Hall, where the service desk is situated, and Carmichael Fitness Complex are nearby. TOTA, an acronym for Tucker, Owen, Turlington, and Alexander, is the name given to this section of campus by locals. Only villagers and their housemates are permitted to enter Tucker Hall, where the Exploratory Studies Village is located. The Carmichael Fitness Center and Holmes Hall, where the 24-hour service desk is situated, are across the street from Owen Hall. The acronym TOTA, which stands for Tucker, Owen, Turlington, and Alexander, is used by locals to refer to this area of campus. The Exploratory Studies Village is housed in Owen Hall, which is exclusively accessible to villagers and their roommates.

In English, sociology, and chemistry, the student will demonstrate reading proficiency in a foreign language approved by the department. Sociology students may be exempt from the foreign language requirement by passing, with a grade of “B” or above, a graduate level course in statistics. Graduate students may take 4000-level courses as prerequisite courses ONLY.

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