If it’s OK to dress up as a priest for Halloween, is it then OK to use any religious style of dress as a Halloween costume?

In a pinch, wear a Santa hat and a red sweat suit. St. Vincent de Paul– He wears black robes and a black skull cap. You can find directions for making a skull cap out of paper here. These costumes start with a brown robe, a rope around the waist, and sandals. All the Saints who were Franciscans will dress pretty much the same, but can have different props. If you and your bestie dress up like this, you’ll easily be the cutest pair at any party.

The Tech Priests Robe was obviously waaaay to clean for Mars so it needed some good old fashioned weathering. The process started by spraying you re doing amazing quotes some Krylon black and grey primer directly onto the cloth. This gave it a sooty greasy look that I though went well with the Priest.

To make a bishop costume, see the links above for making priest vestments.Then add a bishop hat and a staff if you like. My friend actually made the bishop hat on the left by gluing fabric around an oatmeal container. She then added a piece of elastic for under the chin.

Some smooth on 325 was colored with some so-strong yellow and green dye and rotated in a plastic bottle top. This will be attached to the stack on the right side as an additional detail. Not only did I take a bunch of pics for the build thread, but I filmed a lot for my YouTube channel. I would recommend to not only watch the videos but read through the steps it took to bring this character to life. I’ve got a few videos edited now, but I’ll be adding more as I work through the collected content.

Dressing like a pope will look an awful lot like dressing like a Bishop. There are lots of saints who were popes, but here are a few. Patron saint of lost objects, so tape commonly lost objects around your robe.

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Glue them onto to the “card” in the proper places. Cut holes in top upper corners of cards, lace ribbon through to allow “card” to be worn like a sandwich board sign. Use materials you already have around the house , can borrow from relatives , or can buy items inexpensively from a thrift store or discount store . I think she’d rather throw a sheet on me every year and call me a ghost than buy a premade Halloween costume,” says Elmore. This simple costume is perfect for depicting St Gianna or St Rene Goupil.

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