Creating a Custom MCAT Study Schedule Ultimate MCAT Prep Step 4

Let’s now look at the anatomy of an MCAT study schedule. You can think of an MCAT study schedule as two distinct phases. Your study schedule will be constructed around this date. Building the right study schedule is key to acing the MCAT. Be dedicated to AAMC Materials, and I will release a template schedule for that when I get to that stage in my prep.

→ Consider adding an extra 200 hours overall to give yourself the chance to properly learn and understand concepts without feeling rushed. These numbers are just a reference to help you gauge what is required so you can plan the time out and MAKE YOUR GOALS HAPPEN. It’s thirty minutes plus all the added time to pause, rewind, rewatch, take notes, study the notes, record an audio summary and review. The big-name prep companiesmay recommend a total of 300 study hours. If you have an older child, and a supportive spouse like this student, you’ll be able to carve out more time during the day.

Taking all of these factors into consideration should give you a rough idea of which MCAT study schedule below is right for you. If you donot like overcomplicated study plans, then this is your go to. A simple but fun to do list which can serve the purpose of keeping your studies in check. Explore our featured business schools to find those that are looking for students like you. Check out our complete list of 164 law schools, based on surveys of school administrators and over 14,000 students.

In any challenge you face, effective preparation can tip the scales. Finish the exam on time by identifying and solving the root cause of why your timing isn’t where it needs to be. Identify why certain answers are wrong and why others are correct (especially during the many times you’re stuck between two or more answer choices). Doing FLs at this stage are vital because remember, you want to measure your progress. Also, we’ve mentioned this before but remember to do them under realistic test-day conditions. When you have tracking and measuring systems in place like this, you are able to stay clear and calm.

With that knowledge, you start to understand what are the topics you need to review. If you have a test date set, do it on the day of the week of your test date. For example, if your test date is on a Saturday, only do FL’s on Saturdays. Given the importance of developing a detailed study schedule, I put together a simple, customizable calendar in an Excel spreadsheet, which you can download here. You can extend the dates/rows by clicking on the last cell in a column and then dragging down.

In our experience, the average student needs somewhere between 4-6 months. Some need an entire year to get there score goal – and that’s fine. No matter what your situation, we’re here to help you speed this up. Of course, it would be wiser to make conclusions like this after you’ve written the first few exams. You have to consider your own personal situation in all this. We’ve seen a lot of students, who are not scoring where they want on the MCAT, but for some reason still take the test ‘hoping’ they’ll get that few point score increase on the day itself.

Each section requires knowledge in areas you should’ve covered in the prerequisite courses you took for medical school. However, to study for each section properly, you should get well acquainted with the format of the questions. The first step to planning your schedule is determining how much time you have to study. Before scheduling salisbury financial aid your MCAT test date, consider how much time you have to learn concepts and how much time you’d have to potentially retake the exam. No matter how much time you have to study before the exam, there are several items you will need to fit into your schedule. Here we’ll go over what you need to include in your MCAT study schedule.

Finally, burnout is more common among MCAT students who have layered MCAT studying onto an already full plate; prepping for the MCAT with a full-time job fits the bill. Therefore, though it may seem counterintuitive, you should take at least one day completely off from studying each week. It may seem like you’re missing an hour or two of studying in the short term, but the long-term benefits include having the time to recharge and attack the next week with newfound energy. Flexibility days can be filled with work you didn’t get to during the week, but you should also try to use them as a time to relax, destress, and recharge for another week of MCAT studying. You are now mapping out the second phase of your MCAT studying journey. The mostly-practice phase will be 70% practice and 30% content, and the content that you review will be chosen based on what you find yourself missing in practice.

Kaplan Review Series – the only required text is biochemistry, and the rest are optional. We provide corresponding chapters in the Kaplan Series if you need further review. Social ecology 2017 summer field study schedule what is field study?

It will pay off in the long run when you crush the MCAT and get that acceptance call from your dream medical school. That is something that may never change, but it is something that we can plan for. Just because you aced every pre-req does not mean you retained all of the information. If never took a psychology class, you may need to spend more time on that. If you are in 18 credit hours of coursework, work full time, and involved in extracurriculars, your schedule won’t look the same as someone with less obligations.

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