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Anyway the settlement is so well walled up the only point to defend is the door so I build turrets ontop of the hut outside. I started building more turrets, to give Covenant a defense rating, is detroit threat management legit and as noted, they immediately started trying to kill the turrets that were already in place. Those turret remains never go away, but I was able to build new turrets in roughly the same spots.

The Covenant also have commandeered a sewer tunnel area across the lake to the west, just below a lake lookout east of Mystic Pines. To progress farther into the Covenant’s secret headquarters, open the door from the initial chamber or use the compound key that Manny or one of the compound guards is carrying.” Only problems for me was no space outside wall to build, wouldn’t mind that water front a little, and slowly moving bodies and turret pieces if you’ve killed them inside the walls.

And its not like I could’ve set my own defense system up. You know, since the turrets auto-agro your defenses. My original idea was to set up a Minuteman base in the town.

Cant help you with that i only searched for console commands to fix that settlment but you should be able to place turrets normaly on those platfroms after you removed preexisting ones via workshop. They hate and fear synths so much, the ends justify the means. Its ok for some innocents to die as long as you reach your goal. It does make me wonder, though, how many people question the likes of Vault-Tec, and how many players just don’t even appreciate the less pleasant aspects of them.

Ill usually snipe the turrets and the settlers come running out to you, all of them. I also hate how that store kinda goes to waste after in a way, id rather it be a general store already that you can assign a settler to and take over. Managed to build a workshop area/2 vendors in the area near the red workshop/food area. Moved mutfruit to back or side of buildings for enough food and managed to fit the vault guys stand in the old shop.

The game restarted with me trapped in the store again, argh!! The only logical thing to do was to load the game again when I first arrived at Covenant. “Human Error” begins when players enter Covenant for the first time and talk to Honest Dan.

Here is a complete guide for completing the “Human Error” quest inFallout 4. Covenant’s synth research includes the kidnapping of innocent victims and their placement in a secret testing facility where they are subjected to brutal tortures. The test facility is located directly across the river from Covenant’s front gate. The facility can only be reached through connecting sewer pipes. You can learn of the location by hacking into the office terminal using Jacob’s password found in his house.

As for the ‘owned’ items I think if you store them all in the workshop and place them down again, they become normal, although I can’t confirm this as I haven’t done it myself. Regardless, you can put them in the workshop and replace them with other items if you just want the place to look realistic and lived in. At first I thought it was nice to have pre-built turrets. Foremost, the turrets don’t count towards your defense rating. I was in the middle of rebuilding when a horde of supernatants with missile launchers came and blew up all the defenses.

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