Choosing the Right Softball Glove PRO TIPS by DICK’S Sporting Goods

The pitcher usually pitches from under the arm and the ball should pass through a strike zone. The location of the strike zone, an imaginary area from the chest to just below the knee, depends on the pitcher’s position and stature. Height is pop toss an advantage for pitchers, as well as upper body agility and strength. This is only for the real boppers out there that want to rake in the home runs. It’s how many of the slow pitch softball pros grip their bats to create maximum bat whip.

If you want to learn about some of our best softball catcher tips, you should click here. Stay alert for balls hit softly off the bat that may suddenly spike toward you on an unpredictable path when playing live games. Frequently practice with a rubber ball by hitting it into various positions around the yard or field.

Birch is less dense than maple, giving it a lighter feel on comparable turning models. Coach Steve explains how to adjust to different pitches. He said he visualizes driving the ball into the opposite side of the field gap to ensure successful and powerful contact. Check if your league has rules about which kinds of bats are OK to use.

Below is a standard softball position chart with numbers for each position. Set up 6 balls in a straight line, take your secondary stance, and drop into the blocking position. If you are able, try doing this drill while wearing your chest protector and leg guards to better simulate how this feels during live play. This is a really good drill to do after the Mock Throwing Motion and Grip Drills as it combines the two and allows you to practice full-speed.

See it going down and how the batter is keeping his swing above it. An uppercut swing will cause the bat to go way off of this plane. But when a swing is done correctly by chopping down, you’ll end up with more of a level swing that can cut through the ball. So take a second and find a good bat from our expertly reviewed preferred list. We update it every year and spend a ton of time finding the best bats with the most pop – Best Slowpitch Bats of the Year.

Because what is happening when you do this is you are creating a swing path that will cause the bat to whip around like a slingshot. So as the knob is flung at the ball, the rest of the bat and the barrel will slingshot around the swing axis and make contact with the ball. What she’s going to do is shift on over and split the inside corner of the plate with the midline of her body. Then she’s going to hold her glove out in the middle of her body and out towards the pitcher.

Outfielder gloves are going to offer a larger pattern size in comparison to infielder gloves. This is due to outfielders needing a larger pocket to assist with pop flies while infielders need a smaller, more shallow pocket to help with quick transitions. But, ultimately, the size of your glove comes down to what is most comfortable for you.

The catcher in softball is equivalent to the quarterback in football. Catchers are always facing towards the action of the game. A great fast-pitch catcher will know how to catch a ball with a form that makes even an average pitch look like a perfect strike! But catching balls with style isn’t the only responsibility that the catcher has.

The plate farthest from the coach simulates a slow pitch/change up, the middle plate simulates an average pitcher, while the closest plate simulates a pitcher that throws very hard. Meanwhile, the coach throws the ball at the exact same speed, using the distance to create the differences in the drill. While throwing the ball, the pitcher can vary the height of throwing the ball, so that it may further make it harder for the batsman to strike the ball. A pitcher must try to throw the ball with utmost power. In 1996 Olympics, a pitch has reached up to 118 kilometres per hour in women’s matches.

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