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Several low-cost airlines like Ryanair, Vueling and Volotea make air travel in Spain ridiculously cheap. Spain has a variety of different naturist places, some family-friendly and others adults-only. It’s always best to check this before making your reservation.

It’s also located near the island’s trio of popular seaside resorts (or Imperial Spas, as they’re known). In Tarifa, we can find beach Bolonia, one of the travel channel complaints few virgin beaches that remain in this area with golden sand and turquoise waters. El Ruso is a grayish sand beach with crystal clear waters in Granada.

Here you can explore some great dunes and terrific sunsets that allow you to spend quality time as you relax and unwind. Beautiful cliffs and surfer waves surround this expansive beach. The sand is excellent for laying bare, the waves ideal for surfing, and the cliffs perfect for paragliding. It may be challenging to get there, but Playa de Cantarriján is a gem worth traveling for. This family-friendly, clean beach is hardly 200m in length but extremely popular among the locals.

What you may not know about Latvia is that the country’s coast is over 300 miles of pure, uninterrupted Baltic beach — not bad for a country the size of West Virginia. Which means that while you’ll likely catch an eyeful of some random Frenchmen’s cash and prizes, getting a glimpse of Miranda Kerr’s VS qualifications is also a distinct possibility. We narrowed the list down to 18 of Europe’s greatest beaches to see and be seen — in the buff, of course. Going nude was an empowering experience but it could have been ruined so quickly by someone making me feel uncomfortable with a lingering creeper gaze.

This small fishing village is perfect for enjoying real Andalusian “pescaíto” , swimming in the sea and sunbathing. The next wonder is calledCala San Pedro, which was one of the last hippy redoubts in the country. It can be reached from the town of Las Negras on foot or in a small boat.

Staying up North, rent a villa in Sitges, the gay capital of Spain. LGBTQ festivals, bars and marches get a mention throughout the year, it’s also a hot spot for beaches which are both gay-friendly and nudist-friendly. Ballota, together with Andrín, is one of the best-known and most photographed beaches on the entire Asturian coast, thanks to the lookout point of La Boriza. Yet its nudist corner is little known, and separated from the rest by El Cuchillón, a jutting rock that acts like a natural and gigantic folding screen. The beauty of Ballota is closely linked to its islet and cliffs.

You lose the fake images of beach-bikini-ready bodies that are portrayed on your social media feed and see what a real bikini-ready-body looks like. Like most of the island’s beaches, there’s a shortage of facilities and amenities on the sands, which helps to keep them unspoilt. Like you’d expect though, the scenery is stunning and the sand is scattered with volcanic rocks.

These beaches are some of the best spots to go topless in Spain. All you need to bring along is a good sunscreen, umbrella, water, a towel, and your bare bottoms. Cabo de Gata has many swimming options for tourists , and several visits are needed to see all of the Nature Reserve. And one of them must be to visitsLos Genoveses beachand theMonsul beach. Very close to each other, both have fine sand and easy access.

There are few beaches with such a power of attraction for Mallorca’s nudist crowd as the remote Es Caragol. Getting there entails walking for 15 minutes from the lighthouse of Ses Salines. The sand has been colonized by lilies and marine thistles, and the waters are clean and see-through, forming a soft curve that ends with the rocky outcrop of Punta Negra.

The beach is a 10-minute walk between the cliffs that guard the sand from prying, clothed eyes. Once at the end of the path, you’ll find a beach split into two coves, with crystal clear-water and absolutely no services. So make sure to pack your lunch, sunscreen and snorkeling gear.

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