ABCs Suits An accurate portrayal of the legal industry?

In season 6, Katrina is lured back to the struggling Pearson Specter Litt firm, after Louis convinces her she will have a much quicker path to senior partner at her old place of employment. Katrina is fired by special master Faye Richardson in the penultimate episode of the series , but is rehired following Faye’s exit and promoted to name partner in the series finale. Donna Roberta Paulsen, played by Sarah Rafferty, is Harvey Specter’s legal secretary, close friend, and confidant. She has worked with him since his first year as an Assistant District Attorney, and she left the DA’s office with him to work with him at Pearson Hardman. She listens in on all the conversations in his office, partially because he never turns the intercom off.

There are large and small firms that have strict, professional dress codes and there are large and small firms that have adopted a more relaxed, business casual dress code. The dress code may have more to do with the attorneys, type, and culture of law firm than the size of the law firm. Of course, the out-of-universe explanation for this is that the Suits creative team wanted to illustrate how much of a “fish out of water” Mike was in a legal environment.

As social norms have changed, so have the attitudes as to what needs to be covered in a professional setting. For women, there’s a wider range from tailored pant and skirt suits to more casual oklahoma game warden salary dress slacks and blouses. You not only need to balance your wardrobe choices by the specific office dress code but, also by typical stereotypes for male and female office attire.

Claire then tells Mike that if she really loved Rachel, he will not marry her. Mike is scared about him dragging Rachel into something that could ruin her life, but Rachel says the does not care, she just wants to marry Mike. Harvey hires him and becomes his reluctant mentor, keeping Mike’s lack of a law license a secret from everyone at the firm except Donna. Later, a hacker alters Harvard Law’s records to show that Mike is a graduate. Mike often comes across as naive and initially has trouble adjusting to daily life as an attorney. He often gets emotionally involved with clients and even with some opponents, a trait both Harvey and Jessica Pearson view as weakness.

She initially refuses, but after a genuine plea from Harvey, she relents and agrees to do so. Samantha Wheeler, played by Katherine Heigl, joins the firm when Specter Litt merges with Robert Zane’s part of his original firm. After being promised by Zane that her name would be next on the wall, she learns that she will be in competition with Alex for that honor because Harvey had promised the same thing to Alex. Having come from a difficult childhood in Foster care, Samantha looks to Robert as a father figure. After meeting her birth father, she learns that neither of her parents gave her up. The father says he merely had a fling with her mother, who never told him she got pregnant, and her mother died when Samantha was two years old.

At the beginning of season 4, Sidwell is the founding CEO of his own investment firm and Mike’s new boss. He is portrayed as a straight-talking, concise, tough but fair boss to Mike. At the beginning, it seems that every conversation he has with Mike ends with him threatening to fire Mike unless he meets his pressing demands, but is shown later to become a bit of a mentor figure to him. In order to stay alive in the Gillis Industries takeover battle against Logan Sanders and Harvey, Mike is forced to buy 100,000 shares of Gillis Industries stock without Sidwell’s prior approval. He summons Mike, compliments him on brazenly purchasing the stock without permission but gives him one week to find someone to refund the investment and deleverage Sidwell or it will cost him his job.

Client engagement – you will regularly speak to clients both over the phone/email and face to face. Research – you may be asked to research complex areas of law or , you may assist researching the facts of a case and finding similar case law or relevant articles and legislation to support your client’s case. Don’t count yourself out, but keep the faith that you are good enough to be given a training contract offer and remember que sera sera, what will be, will be. Similarly, an aspiring paralegal in the Big Apple does not need to have obtained any specific qualifications.