9 Easy Tips for Sleeping in a Hotel Parking Lot

The items in your vehicle are going to be safe there too. Obviously, this is the reason why ti is unlikely that you will ever be allowed to sleep in the hotel parking lot to begin with. This is notgoing to be the case with a hotel parking lot. These places are regularly inspected because they care about the safety of their patrons. Sleeping in a hotel parking lot is one of those cases where you really will not be able to just let things slide either.

I have seen camping, but to say it’s company policy I’m not to sure. Tresspassing is tresspassing, whether posted or unposted, and you will either get a quick boot or hauled off to the “iron inn”. 2) if you sleep in your car in a bar parking lot, I would almost surely expect an officer to tap his maglight against your window regardless. Number 3 is a major problem as commuter parking lots are usually government property and many require placards or stickers, and again, you might get visited by an officer. I would stick to hospitals, rest areas with visitor centers or police stations, truckstops, or campgrounds if you must.

If you have an early or late flight you don’t want to end up ordering a taxi because the hotel’s shuttle is not available. If you’re looking for a place to park your car at the airport, you have a few options. You can park in a short-term parking spot, which is usually more expensive but closer to the terminal. Or, you can park in a long-term parking spot, which is usually cheaper but further away from the terminal.

One modification I made that I love is a cut set of Reflectix panels, one for each window. They roll up for travel and all I have to do is unroll them and pressure fit them into the windows when I park. This has the drawback of possibly making it look like you are camping or something is going on in the back of the truck if someone notices the shiny panels in the windows. In keeping with the theme of making my truck not stick out and making it look like it is just parked for the night, I leave my front two windows and windshield unblocked. I hang a black blanket directly behind the driver and passenger seat. The front windows are not tinted and when someone looks, they can see it is just an empty truck, parked for the night.

Vehicles that do not draw attention will have the best success rate and most options available. The more obvious it is that you are camping, the less options you have. I know a lot of people love to travel but don’t have the means or desire to stay in a hotel every night. For me, I would rather stretch my budget, sleep for free, and spend the extra money on fuel and food!

And the good news is that late night parking is usually free . Bring any bikes or interesting belongings on an outside rack inside your vehicle if you can. Just be sure not to overstay your welcome or to draw undue attention to the fact that you are living in your car. This could get your friend/family member in trouble with their neighbors who probably won’t like the idea.

I would rather take the time to drive to the other rest stop then to tempt fate. You will encounter undeveloped rest areas along the highway. They might be as simple as a dirt pull out with a metal trash can or a paved area that is also a posted as scenic viewing area.

In addition, their parking lots are well lit for added security. Some Walmart’s are 24 hours so you know there is always going to be help nearby if needed and you will have access to their bathroom facilities. Unlike some of the other options listed in this article, grocery stores and malls are great places to park during the daytime. With so many other vehicles coming and going, you should be virtually ignored even if security is patrolling all day. Casinos are another great place to park overnight and sleep. Most of them are open 24 hours and there is a constant stream of cars coming and going.

That has brought about new local laws that don’t let Walmart offer parking spaces overnight. So check with each store to see what their policy allows. Secondly, scan for No Parking and No Camping signs to avoid those areas. In larger towns, they usually have a city website fiji vs bora bora vs maldives that sometimes lists their parking requirements, so that’s an excellent place to start. Look at parking in a 24-hour business like a gym, grocery store, or Walmart, where cars are expected to be. Boat launches.I have had a great success rate with staying at boat launches.

I’ve followed these rules and had 1000s of good experiences, not one bad. If you get a bad feeling don’t hesitate to move to a new spot. Stay away from sleeping at truck stops, truckers are dangerous.

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