15 Best Baseball Training Aids & Swing Trainers in 2021

Hitting aids are a crucial part of training and will help you develop better swing mechanics. There are a lot of different batting trainers available. They come in all different shapes, sizes, weights, and materials. Most batting training aid will train individual aspects of your swing, but some can be used to train multiple areas. There is no doubt that baseball is one of the toughest sports to master and proper hitting is a crucial part of becoming a better baseball player. Proper coaching, instruction, training, and practice are all necessary to becoming a better hitter.

This Ash/Maple fungo has a traditional profile but had been designed to be SUPER LIGHT! We use these everyday in our membership hitting program. We love them but the first set we bought started losing beads after like 6 months.

Players can challenge themselves to dial their swing in by selecting targets or points identified on the durable 4ft x 4ft vinyl hitting net. You’ll enjoy a variety of proper swing plane drills that are just as effective as they are fun. Combine these two training aids for a competitive game that will hold a young player’s attention for hours. Practice Balls are great tools to use in nearly any situation and making it a valuable baseball hitting training aids . Baseball training aids are pieces of equipment designed to improve a player’s in-game performance. There are all types of different training aids on the market, with tools available for every position.

You don’t need any coaches, balls or a field to get the perfect swing. The disk will tell you about what your swing does, and by putting in the work you can master a swing path. It’s insane the difference it can make in your swing to perfect this move through the ball. AVOID throwing the disks into a hard surface (ex. wall) as they will not last and are not covered by our limited warranty. We RECOMMEND throwing them into a net or letting them fly in an open area.

In our research we’ve found that many players, even older high school players, struggle to make the ball contact the net which reduces the amount of feedback you get from the tool. The SwingAway seems to be not much different than a traditional tee, without having to replace the ball after every swing. With a $200 price tag and some difficulty with transporting it seems like there are better options out there. There are a lot of factors that go into becoming a better hitter. The most important is of course proper coaching and instruction. However, another important aspect is using tools to help with our advancement.

It all depends on how important your swing is to you, so don’t spend large sums of money on a piece of equipment that you’ll give up on in the first few weeks. Typically flat in shape, practice gloves are perfect for quickly stopping ground or fly balls and throwing them back to the pitching mound. For more options see our dedicated best baseball swing analyzer page. These machines have a high degree of specificity and can place balls wherever you want them to. This means that if you’re having difficulty with low, outside curveballs, you can adjust the machine to give you those pitches. The appeal of this device that it focuses on repetition of swing.

Some swing training aids are easier to practice with than others and they require less time to set up and take down. If you want to spend more time training and less time carting around equipment, buy a trainer that is quick to assemble and disassemble. The weighted baseball is a simple but effective training aid. Hitting a weighted baseball will increase your swing follow-through and strength. Additionally, weighted baseballs do not travel as far so they are easier to practice with.

This portable swing trainer can be set up in two minutes or less. If you are looking for a swing trainer that can be transported to practice at the diamond, a local park or a friend’s house and used without a difficult setup process, this is it. The PowerNet Swing Trainer is made with steel that continues to provide wiffle ball pitching machine support and stability no matter how hard you swing. It doesn’t come with any unnecessary bells and whistles, so your players can focus on what’s most important, their swing. By training their muscle memory, this tool helps players return to their bat with all the fundamentals exactly how they should be.