13 Youth Pitching Grips Every Baseball Coach Should Know

To make the ball curve, allow your pointer finger to drag alongside the ball quickly. When done correctly, this will give the ball enough curve to break in the opposite direction as a screwball should. To ensure that you have the best power and control of your pitch, you are going to want to make sure that the ball is settled deeply into your palm. This allows you to keep a tight grip which is essential in throwing a fast four seam fastball. While seemingly a simple pitch, so much is needed to correctly assess the original fastball. These types of pitches should rarely be taken for their surface value, and I believe the showcase of different evaluation facets shows this.

The above criteria I consider to be the main facets necessary to judge a four-seam fastball – although, I encourage the reader to seek out more ways to look at a four-seamer. For now, Pitch Shape, Vertical Approach Angle, Velocity, Spin Based vs Observed Axis, and Spin Mirroring should do. As studies of baseball grow, I can only imagine how much this basic list will used jugs machine football expand. The slider is gripped similarly to the curveball but held against the seams where the horseshoe comes back close together, and is released in a manner that will create tight spin . Once they are fifteen or older, they should work to implement a breaking pitch by learning to throw a curveball or slider. The curve ball grip may vary from pitcher to pitcher.

However, the picture above suggests that Glasnow is an overhand pitcher who just doesn’t stand upright during his delivery. Unfortunately, I could not find any type of pitcher arm angle leaderboard so I cannot prove that the correlation between vertical release point and vertical movement should be higher. If thrown correctly, the cut fastball should produce a few inches of late movement that will break away from a right handed hitter when thrown from a right handed pitcher. The idea behind the cutter is to make the hitter hit just enough of the ball to result in a ground out.

Leading the coach and player to determine the best path forward. The first is to try and up the efficiency of the pitch to increase the pitch’s vertical break. Grip this pitch softly, like an egg, in your fingertips. The most basic fundamental pitch, this is the only one thrown by everyone. Bruce Sutter, David Cone, and Rich Harden used the splitter effectively during their careers. Pedro Martinez of the Philadelphia Phillies has a killer circle-change up.

But paired with a number of other factors, such as a great approach angle or a nice horizontal movement, it can be the icing on the cake of pitch quality. While evaluating a fastball solely on velocity is flawed, velocity is still somewhat important. The harder pitches are thrown, the harder the pitches should be to hit . However, some of my findings suggest that is not the case.

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