Mom makes viral birth videos with hand-crocheted pregnant dolls

Generally, however, the best crochet hooks for amigurumi are on the smaller side, between three to five millimeters. Sailor Moon has been the favourite cartoon character of many little girls for three sportcraft turbo hockey decades. I remember wanting to become Sailor Jupiter when I was growing up. This tiny doll will make a great addition to any amigurumi collection and it’s also a great gift idea for anime fans.

This Etsy pattern gives you the option. We can’t get over how cute their big feet are. For most of the clothing items I used the same stitch, except for the skirt, for that I used a stitch called “3 dc shell” and “4 dc shell”. Click through the links below for more detailed instructions and the written pattern. Rubeina is a Content Writer and Senior Digital Marketer from Mauritius, with a passion for relationship building between brands and customers. When she’s not managing digital marketing strategies, she likes to spend time doing crochet and other crafts.

You can personalize it for your kid by changing the colors if you wish. Once you’ve created both legs, join them together. Start with a few single crochets on one leg, and then add six chain stitches.

I can imagine her with a striped dress so let your imagination free. This crochet project will be super gratifying for you, and your baby girl will be beyond pleased. Each of the arms also begins with a magic ring. Then, increase slightly and then add 12 rows of 5 single crochets.

Fasten off and leave a long tail for sewing. If you’re adding hair, sew the ears onto your doll after you have sewn on the hair cap. The ears should be sewn in line with the hair cap, approximately two stitches from the eyes. There are many ways to crochet doll hair!

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