Best crochet kits: 15 fun, unique crochet projects 2022

Even if you’re making the most basic of shapes, you’ll have two yarn ends left over that you’ll need to sew into your work – your starting end and your finishing end. A yarn needle is different to a sewing needle, in that it’s bigger and has a big enough eye for you to get your yarn through. There’s a few different types of needles available, from metal to plastic, and even ones with loops which make attaching your yarn a bit easier. You can find out more on how to fasten off and weave in your crochet ends here. Beginners can struggle with getting the hang of pulling your hook through loops, initially your hook is probably going to be under quite a lot of pressure until you perfect your tension.

First and foremost, we compared the ergonomics of the included hooks, as well as how easy they are to crochet with. We also took into account the number of hooks and the range of sizes included with each kit. While all of these kits are beginner friendly, please don’t let that deter you if you have some previous experience.

These are all great projects even for intermediate to advanced crocheters. Adorable and stylish, this pompom crochet blanket is made from 100% lambs wool creating a soft and cosy finish, perfect for snuggling up in your bedroom or lounge as the cooler months draw in. The crochet kit which is ideal for experienced crochet fans is available in three sizes – standard, large and extra large – the latter is big enough to cover a single bed. Keep in mind that there may be a slight learning curve if you have absolutely no knowledge of crochet stitches. However, the project is not overly demanding, making it the perfect opportunity to end procrastination and give you the nudge you need to start learning slowly but surely.

You’ll also find oodles of one-of-a-kind crochet gift sets for loved ones with nimble fingers – or create a masterpiece yourself and give the lovely creation to a special someone. Fancy trying your hand at amigurumi, but don’t want anything too big for your first project, then maybe this mini elephant crochet kit from TOFT might b perfect for you! These mini kits still come with absolutely everything you need to make Bridget the Elephant, including a crochet hook, yarn needle and toy stuffing. These mini kits are a great starting point for those interested in amigurumi, and TOFT also do larger kits and other animals too for when you’re ready to take your next step.

Crochet kits include everything you need to jumpstart whatever project you decide to go with, including complete toolsets and step-by-step instructions to get you from start to finish. This cute kit from Little Conkers is a fab eco-friendly make that would also make a fabulous gift for someone who wants to learn how to crochet. With clear illustrated instructions, it’s also the perfect project for getting to grips with working in the round – the key to many crochet projects including amigurumi. It might seem obvious, but you can’t crochet without a crochet hook!

Not only do these kits come with everything you need to complete a learn to crochet project, but they also allow you to be as creative as possible with your crocheting – even as novices! Darn Good Yarns’ Crochet Kits are fun and will totally get you hooked! Take a look at some of our favorite learn to crochet kits that are easy enough for crocheters just starting out, and so pretty that even advanced crocheters won’t want to miss out. The 4M Easy-To-Do Crochet Kit is an all-in-one kit for your kids to try out crocheting.

This intermediate-level kit will take your crochet amigurumi skills to the next level. Unlike the beginner and beginner+ kits, the intermediate kits do not come with the first round started. He has written several books and has several crochet kits produced by Boye. Each of these kits is an corner to corner rectangle amazing choice for young creators since they were designed by one. This one is perfect for the older kid who can follow along with video tutorials. Not only will your child end up with an adorable time, but they will also have a blast learning with excellently produced video instructions.

There are several great beginner-level stitches that you’ll want to master as soon as possible. As a bonus, a few kits may even include additional basic supplies that you can continue to use in future crochet projects. Choose from three different colors, each with a unique theme that will be sure to turn heads when you are out and about. The kit includes pattern, instructions, and our herbal dyed silk ribbon yarn. This kit includes a pattern and materials to make a small pouch for headphones or earbuds, a pencil case, and a mini purse. This kit will teach your child to make a granny square, join the squares, sew buttons, and more.

A simple back and forth row design like a scarf is a great starter crochet kit for a beginner to begin their crocheting journey with. This modern crochet blanket kit creates a striking design by arranging simple stitches in a new and interesting way. This blanket project will keep you cozy on the couch as you stitch away.

You’ll also receive access to an online tutorial curated by the seller. This lovely kit includes everything you’ll need to crochet a precious, rainbow-inspired baby blanket. One of the main things that attract people to crochet kits is the opportunity to create beautiful, handmade, wearable items. Although materials aren’t high-end or pro-level quality, considering the wealth of items this kit includes, $40 is a pretty reasonable price tag. It really helped me learn how to read a pattern and to complete various steps of an amigurumi. Explore the other kits they have to offer via the same link below.

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