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Craftsmanship Quarterly is a not-for-profit, all-digital publication that welcomes stories from seasoned journalists, as well as new voices and fresh perspectives. We publish approximately 8 to 12 new, long-form narrative features a year, along with 20 to 30 smaller pieces in the form of shorter articles, mini-documentaries, podcasts, and photo essays. Our rates are in line with the market , and are negotiated per story as a flat fee, based on the length and scope of the work, the amount of reporting required, and the contributor’s level of experience.

Keep our core readership of professionals in multiple creative disciplines in mind. If your piece focuses on one discipline—say, type design or photography—consider what people from other fields can learn from it, and how you might appeal to those readers. Guest posts are guides to specific platforms or ways of selling art. ART PAPERS regularly publishes original photography and artwork.

Please make sure that your blog isn’t a promotional piece. Keep the tone of your piece friendly, encouraging, optimistic, open-minded, and professional, while focusing on actionable tips. For galleries and business owners we can offer a sponsored post or article based advertisement.

We prefer to consider fully-formed drafts over pitches, but we’ll read both. For more, here’s our “how to pitch prose” guide, written by one of our editors. Any kind of plagiarism is not tolerated, thus all submissions will be checked through copyscape for plagiarism. Kindly do plagiarism checks before sending your article. At ArtsHub, we want to read new voices that reflect all of the arts sector, so we’re calling out for new contributors.

If you would like to send a pitch based on a press release, please consider what your angle will be, and what makes it an original story that will work for Elephant. If you are a skilled writer and/or video creator, TAA will pay you to contribute. Do you regularly create images and videos that spread widely and are helpful/informative? We have put together a neat infographic that you can share with your friends which highlights the Art of Travel’s open platform publishing policy.

Many of the pieces that we commission do not focus on one single exhibition or artist, and instead explore wider themes or trends. Write popular content.Watch for popular topics and destinations that people want to know about – lists of top destinations in newspapers and travel magazines, places in the news, etc. Make sure you focus on such topics/destinations in your pitch and final submission.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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Email: [email protected]

Depending on the assignment, photography may be negotiated separately . B) The editorial team will not consider submissions by a writer whom the gallery or artist has paid or commissioned to write the article in question. Suggestions from galleries may be accepted at the discretion of the editorial team. A) At their discretion, the editorial team may refuse submissions in which a writer writes about his/her own work, or the work of someone with whom the writer has a personal or financial relationship.

When you write for us, you’re writing to an audience of thousands. You’re making the world a better place with your own unique insights and ideas. You’re joining a team of dedicated wellness experts and spiritual seekers who dedicate their lives to bringing health, happiness, and balance to people all around the world. You don’t need to search the ends of the earth for an idea that will redefine the art industry. You just need to bring our readers a fresh voice and perspective on a contemporary art scene topic of your choosing. Because we explore the meaning we find in artistic and everyday objects, we’re open to writing that incorporates spiritual elements.

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