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I definitely know many of mine have not been administered with a smile…………..but quite a few have. Cindy is many times not smiling when I have upset her, but hopefully she is smiling afterwards having gotten rid of all of her upset and frustration. The following stories all feature female employees who find themselves on the receiving end of the cane… She was still hung over with a splitting head-ache, the spanking…

Most were of poor quality and all ficti… On submission – F/M The last post, the female submission story, got one comment. I thought it was hot and well crafted.

Based on this experience, my best guess is that blogs are targeted at random by Google, so that they have some “holier than thou” numbers for their paper work. I would comment periodically and would probably have done so even more if he had reciprocated. It’s difficult for me to not feel a bit discouraged when comments and blog participation are one-sided. And as much as certain estafeta rastreo 10 digitos images and memes tickled me, some made me wince, and I definitely avoided the vanilla image/kinky caption ones. But things tat challenge me are always appreciated in their own right if not their intended one. But overall Red’s blog was a positive experience and I always kept a kink to his place active in my margin recommendations, something I don’t do indiscriminately.

Thanks to him who had spread smiles on our faces for years ! Dan – A Disciplined Hubbysaid…That’s really unfortunate. I’m a feminist who loves to be tied up with a six foot bullwhip and flogged with it as my partner orders me to suck his cock. This took some getting used to because of the big gender role issues it pushed for me. I’m not stating I agree with SOME feminists’ assertions that submitting to BDSM ergo is flying in the face of advances made by women in the last three decades, because that’s out and out bullshit.

Share my videos, hire models, administer strict discipline to those in need. Spanking is and always has been for me something for fun, pleasure, arousal and sex — an I’m 77 and still into it. Courandairsaid…I always felt light hearted after reading Red’s page.

Sure there are a few exceptions to the rule. In the Middle East, there are many countries in which it is legal for a husband to discipline his wife. From the limited information I have about this type of discipline, it seems pretty abusive. It is not a “you have been bad and have earned a punishment” type of situation, I see these situations being more related to domestic abuse, which I will never find sexy. I have seen evidence of “Christian domestic discipline” in which the couple feels that the teachings of the Bible encourage the man to physically punish his wife. This is limited enough in its use that it is foreign to most of us, so it is not the type of thing to fuel our fantasies.

Here he is physically demonstrating that in this situation, at this moment, during this passionate act, he will take control and do it the way he wants. He is not just having sex, he is demonstrating sexual control over her body. Another basic form of this same act is pulling of the hair, but this adds one more basic element of dominance and submission…pain. By pulling the hair, he is once again demonstrating sexual control of the situation, but things are escalated slightly in that he may be providing mild discomfort at the same time.

Around here, spankings are consensual, but they are not earned. They happen because we want them to happen. Bacall, come here and pull your pants down I am going to paddle you. “The End of Domestic Discipline” describes what happens when Jilly wakes up one morning and decides she’s had enough of a domestic discipline lifestyle.

My time off was more taking time to think and focus, after the first blush of spanking community-love has worn off. Specifically, I’ve been juggling the injunction to be “accepting” vs. the need to make judgements and draw some lines, which after all is what authority figures do. Sex ALWAYS follows, and she still enjoys a very light hand spanking during intercourse if she is on top – frequently a little light spanking is what she needs to send her “over the top”. Over the years spanking frequency has risen and fallen, as have the roles of spanker and spankee.

The only real contact I had with spanking was the paddling that took place in my school and the spankings that took place in my neighborhood. I went out of my way to casually obtain information about the girls in my neighborhood and school getting spanked. At this point in my life, this was all I knew in regards to spanking and I couldn’t get enough of it. I lived in a state and town in which spanking was very common and while sometimes embarrassed, many people would talk about it because it was just part of their everyday life. It left me in a situation of fantasizing about either spanking these girls, or watching them getting spanked.

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