Your Ultimate Guide To The Butterfly Locs Hairstyle

Knowing exactly who is going to be styling your hair and the skills they possess will ensure that you’ll walk out of the salon with a style you love. Butterfly locs are a protective style because they do not require any hair to be pulled out of the scalp, which may lead to breakage and other hair damage. Wrap firmly at first, and then wrap more loosely stages of bleaching hair from black in order to get the relaxed butterfly hair look. As you continue to wrap down the length of your hair, wrap over your thumb in no particular pattern to create the disheveled loops. For a fluffier butterfly locs hairstyle, create more loops. Also, keep in mind that if/when you do wash your locs, you’ll want to make sure you dry them THOROUGHLY.

The longer the locs the more tension will be applied to your scalp. If you already have damaged hair then adding that extra hair may not be a good idea and that goes double for thinning edges as that extra tension will only make your edges worse. This style is not a good idea if your hair is already damaged. Some women are having a hard time adjusting to the extra weight of the added hair, since the style requires double the hair compared to a braid.

Is Faux Locs Hair Better Than Braids for Protective Styling? Faux locs offer more freedom than braids for protective styling. While braids tend to look best when freshly installed, faux locs actually look better and more natural as they age. There’s a lot less pressure with faux locs to have a “perfectly coifed, fresh from the salon” look and creates less stress for the wearer. Plus, because of the way faux locs are installed and worn, there’s less tension on your edges and thus less risk of damage that can result from pulling too the hair tight. It is for this reason that we believe faux locs are better than braids as a protective style option.

Second, Now unwrap your natural hair; you may need to do some pulling and tugging at this stage. Try on over 1,000 hairstyles with out FREE hairstyle try-on app. Embrace the inevitable frizz, knowing it will help the locs look even more natural and settled in than the day you get them done. Heart and oval face shapes really benefit from the midi ponytail height, where the ponytail is placed right at or just below the crown.

It can be achieved in several ways, but the most popular is installing natural crochet hair with the help of the wrapping technique. Thus, every strand is attached individually so that you have a full head of faux locs. Their length usually varies between 30 inches and 36 inches, which actually exceeds the level of your hips.

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