Wavy Brown Hair Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images

Happy,toothy smile on the pretty face of young, brown haired woman with voluminous hair. Beautiful model with long, dense, curly hairstyle and vivid makeup. Curls of hair is freely flying in front of the face of young beautiful woman.

Close up photo of pretty attractive optimistic lovely she her… Pretty looking model is smiling tenderly and touching own hair. Young woman with long, dense, freely laying hairstyle and perfect makeup. Hairstyle, frizzy hair and cosmetic. Casey Clark is a freelance writer at Real Simple who covers beauty and style.

Please visit a professional to get them coloured instead of colouring them at home. Since all our extensions are made from 100% human hair you can use heat tools and style them accordingly. Here, Demi Lovato flips the ombré look on its head with a reverse version featuring gorgeous brown hues. The honey-chestnut roots blend into the rich, dark ends perfectly. If you’re looking to go dark dark, try a rich, deep brown that borders on jet black.

Create a fairytale princess look with a layered, wavy haircut for your long locks. You’ll get an elegant and natural style in a blink of an eye. Textured Bob on Wavy Hair. With all that string braided into hair said, you shouldn’t think that short haircuts for wavy hair are the no-go area. This short chunky bob has much weight removed while the longer front makes the hair even more manageable.

Here, Ana de Armas blends honey, toffee, bronze, and more, for a totally customizable brunette. Can we just say that Ciara’s golden brown balayage moment is major? When in doubt, we tend to choose highlights over single-process color . The former, which includes freehand coloring technique strandlights, requires less upkeep and adds tons of dimension.

Tight curls are perfect for sprinkling in pops of color. Rather than highlighting entire sections, take a cue from Izzy Bizu and warm up brown hair with some unexpected dashes of gold or honey. The “brassy” hair color usually gets a bad rap, primarily for its perceived unwanted orange undertones. But when you pull off the shade perfectly like Jessica Biel, they look natural rather than neon.

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