The Ins & Outs of Two-Strand Twists

Even though sometimes your straight hair may seem to be boring to you, it actually has a whole lotta styling options. Besides, the straight hair texture is one of the most sought-after looks that girls with precious curls and waves strive for! In other words, you only need to know how to style it. Also, hair straightening is not suitable for all hair types and textures.

Pull up some of the hair above the elastic to loosen up the pigtails. This super-sleek ponytail will need some strong-hold mousse to keep it smooth (or, you know, just wait until you’re on day-four hair, and you won’t need a GD thing to slick it back). To recreate Thomasin McKenzie’s ponytail, wrap the tail around a large curler after blow-drying it, then pin the ponytail to the nape of your neck after unraveling it. A deep side part and a little volume can take a straight short hairstyle to an entirely new level. To get that volume, rake a dollop of pomade or gel through your damp hair, shaping and smoothing it with a fine-tooth comb. Then, with an edge control brush or a clean toothbrush, smooth down your hairline for a sleek look.

You may have freshly washed hair, but they may last for 2-3 days. Similarly, there is a lasting time for passion twists. A really easy way to manage your hair overnight is with a loose plait. If you sleep on your back, this protective sleep hairstyle will sit flat against your back, but you can always do a side plait or two side plaits if you’re worried about it being annoying.

They can serve as a natural accessory and adorn your hair with a couple of side braids or make your look glorious, embellishing your head with a halo braid, for example. At the same time, if you prefer some bolder styles, you can create a half-up Mohawk. In order to recreate such a play of texture, we recommend you straightening your hair first. Even if you have naturally straight hair, you should ensure that your locks reflect the light.

If it’s night, she piles it on top of her head in a super-loose bun secured with two mini jaw clips. “Once dry I’ll spread a drop of Argan oil through the ends and use a flatiron to help define some of the waves,” she adds. “Once you’ve sufficiently dampened the hair, it pays to opt for boru loganville some precautionary prep. Work a sizeable amount of hair serum such as the L’Oréal Professionnel Serie Expert Liss Ultime from the mid-lengths to the ends of your hair to discourage tangles,” says Merchant. You should also consider the hairstyle you want to wake up with the next day.

The bigger your twists, the less time you have to stay at the salon. Model Alicia Aylies’ medium-size twists with extensions won’t overwhelm your head nor are they too heavy. This is a great selection if you don’t want too much tension on your scalp . Work quickly to shape your style, before your hair starts to dry. For medium curls, apply a styling lotion or hair milk.

Placid Braganza is a leading hair styling expert based in Mumbai, where he runs his own studio, Placid Hair Dressing & Skin that offers specialised hair treatments. Then comes using a lotion to neutralise the hair. This lotion fixes the new shape of the hair permanently.

Great for any occasion, it will become one of your favorite updos for sure. Another great thing about them is that they can work on fine hair. You can create a bouffant hairstyle by teasing your hair, for example. Or, you can use a donut bun which will also give you a classy and full look. Luckily, there are less radical options to be able to wear straight long hairstyles.

Blow-dry your hair, apply some mousse for an airy feel, and make a side part. A typical Insta-girl hairstyle that you won’t spend much time on in the morning. Slightly layered and tousled straight hair looks absolutely flawless.

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