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Nice infographic you also added here which makes it so easy to understand. These tips are applicable to ALL social media profile pictures. I strongly recommend keeping your avatar the same on all your brand accounts. Not only does your profile picture act as the first interaction people have with you on social media, it also acts as a stand-in for your entire online presence.

While you DO want to look businesslike, you DON’T want to look staid and unapproachable. Plus, it’s definitely a “plus” to carry your brand colors and aesthetic through your Instagram dp and gallery. You can try adding “fill” light with a flash exposure, but it’s best not to use it as the main source of light. Keep it simple – you don’t want a bunch of clutter in the background competing for attention. Even a square logo can cause problems when cropped to a circle.

Place your latest or most important at the top. Select where you’d like to import your picture from. You can upload any size image, and scale and crop as you wish. A 500 pixel square will work on any social network. Be sure to follow my photo tips in the first section!

Sick and tired of seeing your friend’s stupid face plastered across Facebook? Send him this handy little infographic to try and curb the worst of his picture posting habits. In general I agree though I prefer a tighter headshot than cute running hairstyles the examples you show. My rule of thumb is that it should look like you on a good day and that I should recognize you from that photo if we met somewhere. All pictures used were given permission to use by each LinkedIn member.

She is sitting at the dining table which has paperwork on it. So, is it a good idea to add this photo editor to your phone? Keep your background plain and focus on your face. The best dimensions for a Twitter profile pic are 400 by 400 pixels, which is a bit more generous than other social networks. I speak about career planning, job search, personal branding, networking,resumes, interviews and LinkedIn. I’m passionate about helping people thrive.

Thank for Top 5 Tips to Rock your Instagram Profile Picture , really it is a great and helpful tips . I done it directly after i read your steps and it is works . Your way to advise and explain your ideas is simple and clear . Your way to advise and explain your ideas is simple and clear. Could be something they added to their photo before uploading. Tap or click your profile photo or the blank circle next to your username.

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