MJR Southgate Digital Cinema 20 Showtimes

If you want to save money here come before Noon and order off the kids menu. Otherwise expect to pay out the nose for a night at the movies. A great place for yourself or family or friends and such to enjoy a great movie with sounds and sights that make you feel like your there.

Like any theater there are about a million ads before the show actually starts, so if you are going to a movie that won’t be that busy you can show up minutes after start time and still catch the whole movie. Bloomfield Hills-based MJR Digital Cinemas, founded in 1980, plans to add its “Epic Experience” large-screen format to the company’s Brighton, Sterling Heights, and Waterford locations by mid-2015. Taylor said while the pandemic disrupted the movie theater industry, attendance has been coming back. Lastly, it is somewhat of a tradition for many movie-goers at MJR to “clap” along to their theme song.

“It’s an overall strategy to continue to offer new experiences and keep innovating the theater experience,” MJR Market Director Anthony Taylor said. “It’s trying to continue to engage the moviegoers to give them some reason to come out instead of staying home and streaming things.” MJR Digital Cinemas, a subsidiary of the Belgium-based Kinepolis Group, plans to reinvest about $4.5 million this year in select Michigan theaters.

Why should I have to make an announcement that I am going to the restroom? I am not doing anything besides walking and I am not bothering anyone. I have had enough of this chain and will be taking my business to the new AMC in Woodhaven.

In addition, when the film finished my mother and I were walking to the restroom that was closer to where our car was parked since the other one was busy and we were on the opposite side of the building. There is no reason for an employee to ask me where I am going when I am simply walking down a hall. Do you want me to invite you to come in the stall with me?

Overall, though, this is a great place to see a movie. Itll be on my short list of theatres to visit in the area. Im very disappointed with Southgate MJR due to a situation that happened earlier tonight. The staff needs to be completely honest with their customers sat the desk when you get your tickets. I bought tickets for my daughters to see the Rated R movie, the Gallows.

I have been going to mjr southgate for almost 4 years now and have hated the program they had for members because twice this place has screwed me out of a free ticket that I have obviously earned. They gave excuses that it had to be after the opening weekend and then it became after the first 2 weeks of opening to use which is ridiculous. The final straw was when I went with my mother today and was very unhappy with how the place is being policed and how intrusive employees have become. I saw a 2 hour movie and had an attendant walk by me perhaps 20 times throughout the movie for what I imagine is to count seats since that seems to be what is going on every 5 minutes.

Luna Enterprises purchased an interest in the chain around that time period. MJR Brighton Towne Square Cinema will be equipped with a new large-format screen with laser projection. None of the theater’s 20 wireless technology solutions companies auditoriums currently offers large-format, so the Ultra Laser-equipped auditorium will a new experience for local moviegoers, a company official said. This is a nice theater with all of the latest movies.

Reuters reported MJR’s value, including its debt and equity, is about $152.2 million. Please keep in mind that you must have the rights to any photos that you wish to submit to us. Please don’t submit photos from the theater’s web site, Facebook page, or other web sites, as we need to know where the photos came from in case there is any question in the future. I follow the instructions to use my email address and last name with a capital letter.

Use to be our favorite spot, now that there is reserved seating and alcohol prices are up . Sorry MJR was a favorite and now it ‘s lost the appeal to the general crowd. The prices for tickets and drinks and snacks are really good. The seats are so much better than the last ones they had. But I think they need to hire a better cleaning crew because at the concession stand the workers do NOT keep it very clean. They should wipe the counter off in between costumers.

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