‘Making The Cut’ designer Gary Graham is ‘Looking Back to Look Forward’ at Hancock Shaker Village Arts-theater

I would love for Gary to succeed, but he is so not media-friendly. He needs a business agent/manager/PR consultant. Olivia’s men’s wedding suit was awful, IMO. I still think Olivia had potential, but her approach to working with other people was immature. Instead of taking advantage of the help, she basically sulked. I’m sure she learned nothing from the experience.

Out of those three Gary was the only haute couture level talent with a true vision and a story to tell with his clothes. And it’s not just one story about the Western past but any subject he finds interesting since he showed he’s capable of interpreting a story into clothing. Everything seems so rushed this time.

His designs were incredibly unique and refreshing, while flattering and sophisticated. I loved how he was always researching, sketching and incorporating patterns and historical elements into his fashion concepts. The other contestants talked about how their designs “gave them joy”, amongst other hallow and predictable statements.

More than a decade ago, acity-commissioned reportfound that District 75 students were more isolated than students with disabilities in any other major urban school district. “District 75’s expectations for the students that it serves need to be elevated. Its programs and supports need to be improved,” the report said.

To Caldwell, those decisions often seemed arbitrary. She’d wondered why some kids seemed to get more services than others, and whether Taylor might be getting less help because she’s Black. Patterson, who’s Black, raises Davon by herself and works as a construction laborer. She didn’t know that some parents hire lawyers and paid educational advocates to represent them at special education meetings.

So far the fashion she’s shown has been dull. I think it will come down to Andrea and Gary…and which one is more confident and mediagenic? But if you look at Andrea’s sexwithsluts. com website, 90% of her gowns are strapless with a mermaid skirt. So that’s what her customer base wants. Other wedding gown designers show a spectrum of styles.

I knew Latina Andrea was safe when she started her sob story. I think Lucie could have convinced the judges to give her another shot if she had tried. He’s just bitchy, but not the good kind of bitchy. The judges on this and PR never judge anything on its avante garde worthiness – they’re still looking for what’s wearable and marketable. My prediction for final 3 is Gary, the Polish gay dude and Joshua. Wedding dress Andrea will self-sabotage just before the finals.

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