How To Do Butterfly Locs: An Expert Guide

If your hair is on the thin or short side, you might want to grab some marley or filler hair to bulk up or lengthen your braids before wrapping with water wave hair. Feed the filler hair into the braids as you go to create a thicker or longer base for fuller-looking locs. Butterfly locs don’t have the same neat, tightly-wound appearance of traditional dreadlocks. Instead, the wavy or curly hair and secret braid base gives butterfly locs a distressed, loopy look with loosely-wound pieces that resemble butterfly wings.

Our goal is to simplify all the cool protective styles you have ever dared to recreate with a bit of pizazz. Once you have gotten your desired length, the next thing to do is seal the ends of your locs. You can achieve this by creating a loop towards the end and then wrapping the remaining part of the extension upward. You can also use nail glue as you wrap upwards to keep the strands firm and in position. Now, loop the separated water wave hair in the needle’s hook, close it and pull it through less than halfway.

This style is relatively new, so not a lot of brands have pre loc’d hair that you can just crochet in. So most of you what you’ll see below is hair used doing the Braid-and-Wrap method. The most important rule when taking down your butterfly locs is to be gentle with your hair. Try not to leave in the butterfly locs longer than 8 weeks.

When you need a simple flame to seal those locs, grab a Bic. This gives the hair a distressed and unraveled stylish-looking butterfly wing effect when viewed from far away. Ahead, TZR shares seven innovative styles to test for the fall season.

“If you must wash your hair, be careful to not leave any moisture behind and blow dry very well. Moisture can get trapped in the locs and lead to bacteria growth,” she explains. If you were thinking of rolling out of bed and straight into the salon chair, you might want to reconsider your game plan. Carter notes that arriving at your appointment with your hair washed, deep conditioned, and detangled makes the process a lot easier on the stylist. “Since it’s going to be in this style for quite some time, it’s better to start off with clean, detangled hair anyway,” she says.

If you tend to wear a lot of different clothing colors that might clash with brightly-colored locs, a cool-toned blonde is a great way to get some color in your locs without clashing. Butterfly locs maintenance requires spraying them with a mix of hair-friendly oil and water and massaging the oil into the scalp. With butterfly locs, you are not limited to black and white when creating stunning contrasts. Going for butterfly locs with metallic shine is a smart move when you want to highlight the texture.

No, if they are done with no extra tension at the roots. Pair your favorite shades for a standout look – both in color and texture. Shoulder-Length Butterfly Locs with Wispy Curls. The is benzyl alcohol drying to hair well-defined spirals in the front work to set off the cute messiness of these lob locs. This girl has chosen to emphasize the texture transition with tighter wraps around the roots.

Apart from the volume and length that come with the butterfly locs packed into a high bun, we cannot but give a second glance at these fun spirals. Those willing to try on a strikingly different hair color can get even several shades with hair extensions. Wearing locs doesn’t prevent you from playing with asymmetry, especially when it gives more space for showing intricately styled baby hairs. Insert the crochet hook into your hair near the base of the braid. Finish off by creating a loop at the very end of your loc as well as sealing it by weaving the hair that is left into the base of the loc.

As there is more than one way to achieve butterfly locks, there is also more than one way to style them. To give you some ideas, we have put together the trendiest butterfly braids hairstyles below. So, everyone will be able to find the look to match their taste and style, be it a neat butterfly bun or messy blue butterfly locs.

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