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Hence, these powerful root medicines have a cultural history of being preferentially used by specialists to treat serious health conditions that are outside the therapeutic realm of the family unit. In an anthropological study in the Dominican countryside , botellas are described as “remedies of multiple content” that are normally prepared by experts. The author mentions botellas for men to treat sexually transmitted diseases, botellas for women to treat problems of the female reproductive organs, and purgative botellas for both sexes. In our study, we identified at least four different subtypes of botellas that are used to treat genitourinary and respiratory conditions, respectively.

Table 3 lists the different types of mixtures reported by participants when they described the herbal remedies used for particular health conditions, including the terms that they used for each type of preparation. The table also provides an overview of the relative frequency of these mixtures in use reports. The names either refer to the end-product or the form in which the remedies are administered . Percentage of mixtures in plant use reports according to specific health conditions .

An herbal remedy can be composed of only one plant species or several plants combined together as a mixture that can also include non-plant ingredients. For the purpose of this paper, we define a mixture as any herbal remedy that consists of a minimum of two plant species. One popular Dominican herbal preparation is known as the botella, a bottled herbal mixture that consists of a combination of plant parts or exudates from different plant species, culinary spices and frequently also non-plant ingredients.

Patients taking sodium bicarbonate were also less likely to develop end-stage renal disease requiring dialysis. The study included 134 patients with advanced CKD and low bicarbonate levels, also called metabolic acidosis. One group received a small daily dose of sodium bicarbonate in tablet form, in addition to their usual care. For this group, the rate of decline in kidney function was greatly reduced—about two-thirds slower than in patients.

Respiratory conditions, reproductive health and genitourinary conditions were the main categories for which Dominicans use plant mixtures. Lay persons reported significantly more mixtures prepared as teas, mainly used in NYC to treat respiratory conditions. Specialists mentioned significantly more botellas , used most frequently in the DR to treat reproductive health and genitourinary conditions. Cluster analysis demonstrated that different plant species are used to treat respiratory conditions as compared to reproductive health and genitourinary conditions. Interview participants believed that combining plants in mixtures increases their potency and versatility as medicines. List health conditions according to the prevalence of mixtures in plant use reports .

Other types of traditional Dominican mixtures that combine plants in formulas and recipes of varying complexities have also been reported, including teas, bebedizos and aromatic baths (baños) (Avila Suero, 1988; Brendbekken, 1998; Ososki, 2004). A popular method of preparing a mixture involves boiling plant ingredients together in water (i.e. a decoction), a practice commonly referred to as making a tea . A use report was categorized under “tomar” if no further details were mentioned during interviews. Often this referred to either a tea preparation, a juice or a syrup, which leads to some degree of overlap with other categories. A syrup consists of different leafy and bulbous vegetables or other plants that are sliced and mixed together with lemon/lime juice and/or honey.

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In Puerto Rico, a healer reported a recipe for a botella or galón used to treat “spots on the lungs”. It consisted of the fresh juice of several plants, plant oils, syrup from the pharmacy, honey and alcohol. When considering individual plant species in a mixture, multiple plant parts are used for many species, depending on the health condition being treated, or according to the individual who uses that species. One example is the application of coconut (Cocos nucifera L.) oil to treat burns, whereas the milk is taken internally for asthma, kidney problems and common cold.

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